Did anyone of you thought about writing a heuristic program that can play Freecell

Reasonably well?
I think that an exhaustive program is difficult to write and it will take "forever" to come up with the best solution.
Any thoughts?



    Free Cell solvers exist. We used to have a mode that fed Green Felt shuffles into a solver. It worked reasonably quickly. It was no fun, so we removed it:

  • Heuristic? I'll have to rush to my well used dictionary for that one.Ah!........finding out.You learn something every day on this site.Almost time for tea.

  • Hello graeme....please have a cup for me. Are we having scones with it today?

  • Yes, graeme, please pour out for all of us

    edited October 2021

    Tea and scones sound wonderful! Googling "heuristic"... Isn't that what each of us already use to win any game, with some degree of speed and agility?

  • Memories: early on in my data processing career, one of the know-it-all guys was always impressing (!) people by tossing out the term "hewterisic." (eye roll)

  • One more: he, also, of "oh... it's water under the dam."

  • Hello all.Tea and toast with strawberry jam.Lots of clever people on this site.Starting to feel like the village idiot.Never mind.Play on!.........Chris tells me there is a spell check here somewhere........can't be bothered.Rather devote my time to solitaire.Stay safe everyone.

  • My apologies to any village idiot who happens to be playing these games.

  • Dictionaries, at one time here way out in the Boondocks of the Tennessee River , we use to use them as door stops. now can be somewhat civilized to enjoy a mug of Almond Amaretto Cappuccino, and play games here on Green Felt Solitaire, now after health problems and being in numerous natural disasters along the river , I appreciate technology even more thou only first had a computer when we finally got internet there in 2010 having to learn on my own just to enjoy and have fun and play games, and special friends here , Stay safe everyone

  • I have to give up driving. No doubt someday I will need a program to play FreeCell for me. Getting old is not for the weak.

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