What's your favorite game and has it changed the longer you play on Green Felt?

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I started with Klondike, but now am addicted to Seahaven Towers.


  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
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    I started with Addiction, but now I jump all around between Canfield, Freecell, Klondike, Klondike 3-turn, Pyramid, Addiction, and Klondike No Foundation. I do each one til I tire of it and then go on to another. Let's just say that I'm not sleeping well and greenfelt.net gets me through the night.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    Please check your inbox.

  • Barzonymous, this has nothing to do with the topic but just had to say that I just now discovered the little symbols at the top right next to my name and found that I had personal messages from you and others. :). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those messages I didn't know I had! :)

  • Every day is Christmas!

  • LOL...really!! :)

  • Started w/Klondike, then FreeCell, now alternating between Forty Thieves and Seahaven Towers. (Also pop over to another site to play Ali Baba and Lucas Leaps, but Jim didn't hear me say that.) Like @gmaterre, I'll move on to another game after I get bored.

  • I started with Free Cell few years back , moved on to Forty Thieves , today mostly playing Klondike, and Golf (Wrap Around) under Secret Games(FAQ)

  • Oh yeah-the secret games:


  • I found this site for scorpion. Years ago I played a lot of spider (4 suite). These days I try to play game of the day for scorpion and spider, but otherwise mostly yukon. Awhile back I played flower garden for a bit, and golf and pyramid.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    I lost my muscle memory for Flower Garden after playing Seahaven Towers and about 50 other games on another site. But I started playing it again and it's slowly coming back.

    Scorpion I have never played...Is it still a fav of yours?

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
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    I started off mainly playing Scorpion but I hardly play it at all these days. Most days I play game of the day for Addiction and Hopeless. Occasionally I play Golf and Klondike. My favourite game atm is Seahaven Towers although I’m not that crash hot at it, so I always check the high scores before I start, to see if it’s easy enough to attempt and even then my score is invariably slow πŸ™‚ still, practise makes perfect … or at least practise may end up giving me better peripheral vision to see where the all cards are positioned on the board.

  • Spider 4 @murphymouse? I never could get past spider 2. You are amazing! I've never tried scorpion, sea haven, or forty thieves. Need to widen my options. Have always hated real golf, even putt putt. Think I'll skip card one, too, for now 😏 Each one of you give me courage to try something new though. That's what is so great about this site. New people and new ideas to help us grow into better people. Thanks for being here. Everyone 😊(even the occasional complainers)

  • I'm not here for the competition, just to relax and down-time between chores or while I'm sitting "on hold". I very seldom pay much attention to scores and don't replay a game unless I see others have 52 and I'm at 10 or something; then I try again. I almost always start with Klondike until I win one game, then Yukon, again until I win one. Then onto Pyramid for 3 games (or maybe 5) and then Scorpion. I don't know why I like it -- maybe it's the challenge -- it's harder than the others I play. I generally play for 5 games or until I win, which seems to be about 10% of the time. If I have time, I'll do a Hopeless and a Sudoku.
    I used to play Maze, but it takes too long and I usually plan with paper & pencil. I figure I spend way too much time here as it is, so I've never moved on to any of the other games. (Or maybe it's because I'm too lazy to learn something new!) Like I said, for me it's just a time-waster.

  • I showed up looking for a good spider 4 game and found it, then I never left. Slowly I learned how to play the other games. Still love spider, but alternation is pretty fab too.

  • My first favorite was probably Hopeless, but I only play it a little now so others can fill up the scoreboard. I love Addiction, also, but have taken a break from it as well.

  • I started with Sea Haven Towers, I had played it on an old Digital server I had and was glad to find it here. I had played Free Cell at work (before we got internet access) but can't get my brain to go back and forth between it and S.H.T. Enjoy Golf and pyramid but my favorite is now Hopeless. It lets me play for score without worrying about time. My shaky old hands don't do well when I get in a hurry unless I am having a good day.

  • I still like scorpion! But more yukon games winnable. I I never care about time, but I am enjoying the "by moves" sort.

    I think flower garden is more impressive -- some of those are tricky! And I'm terrible at addiction, so that's impressive too.
    With spider I depend on the scores to tell me if it's winnable (and I don't always manage to solve them), but with Yukon I only play if it hasn't been solved yet, just to see if I can (apart from the game of the day). I should try Seahaven towers again -- I played a few times but not enough to remember the rules without reading them again.

  • I tried Scorpion tonite-let's just say I really suck at Scorpion. Really impressed that you can ever win it.

  • I play Forty Thieves, Klondike 3-turn, Canfield and Klondike no foundation. If I can win all four in one day I consider myself a winner.

  • Indeed. Those are all tough games.

  • I play Klondike and FreeCell but my mind is starting to get lazy so maybe I should try some new games. However I do waste way too much time playing these games. I guess I’m kind of addicted.

  • Klondike,forty thieves,but I'm hooked on alternation.I should branch out a bit more.I promised myself I would try some of the other games but haven't got round to it yet.It's just an excellent site with plenty to choose from thanks to Jim and David.Stay safe everyone

  • far3old: The first computer solitaire game that I liked (never been a Klondike fan) was Seahaven Towers. It was on a Silicon Graphics workstation we had at work back in the late 80's or early 90's. What impressed me most was the scoring - if you gave up on an unsolvable game, it didn't penalize you, but if you gave up, it counted as a loss, and then to rub your nose in it, the game went off and solved it for you showing the error of your ways B^) Did the Digital version do that too? I had no way to tell if the game was infallible, but had no reason to doubt it...

  • When I discovered Greenfelt, my favorites were Spider and Calculation - both difficult puzzle games. I play the game of the day for Calculation (and if I have time, Spider) as well as SHT for old times sake. On Greenfelt I discovered FlowerGarden and Scorpion. FlowerGarden is my favorite as it often seems impossible at first, but often turns out not to be. Spider is similar except that it can take me way too long to figure out the harder layouts. I'm not sure why I like Scorpion since it is rarely solvable (the point of solitaire games imho), though after a few hours of the world playing it, it is usually obvious what the max score it, so I guess you could say achieving that score is "solving it".

    An honorable mention goes to Forty Thieves, the most aggravating, but sometimes most satisfying puzzle game.

    Btw, I never felt the FreeCell love way back when (late 80's?) since it mostly seemed too easy to solve. Due to Greenfelt's Leader Board and the never-ending "bots" complaints, I have come to understand that FreeCell appeals to those who want to play really fast. Me, I play to relax B^)

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
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    I don't play any game for speed. It's either to relax or to see if I can solve it. So regarding Freecell, its always a bit of both. Just in case anyone wanted to know, or really cared. Otherwise, play on πŸ‘΅

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    I had a SHT that took me 45 minutes to win (yes, the cats may have interrupted for snacks, but 45 minutes!) I ended up coming in first via "moves" scoring. I had very few moves.

    So, yeah-I don't care about speed either. Obviously. It's just a nice way to kill time.

  • dbwoerner, yes, the digital version got you if yuo quit, didn't allow going back a move, but didn't finish your game to rub your nose in it! Very basic, and when I first saw a version that allowed going back a move I thought it was for wimps. Now I love the 'cheat' features and would have a hard time getting used to playing without them.

  • far2old: Now that you mention it, I'm not completely sure the SGI version I played had undo/redo, but I think it must have. I thought of undo/redo as an inherent improvement over a deck of cards, not "cheating", and they were very necessary to completely enjoy the puzzle style solitaire game I like (Spider, Calculation, SHT, Flower Garden, Forty Thieves). I wrote my own solitaire suite back in the day and had a "traditional" mode without and a "puzzle" mode with undo/;redo. I used to play in "traditional" mode, but then when you gave up it switched you to puzzle mode so you could figure out the solution. I played spider like that for years before I ran into a game I couldn't solve. I miss having a "save" option so I could save things when there are multiple options to try. It's too easy to get lost in the huge number of options available when playing spider.....but now I'm rambling B^)

  • I do wish we could bookmark a spot, when trying to solve a tricky game. I also sometimes wish for "Undo/Redo 5" or 10 moves at once. But I've gotten better at stabbing the button a bunch of times when needed. :-)

  • Lack of a "bookmark" keeps me from wanting to tackle the tricky ones sometimes too. Spider in particular can have so many paths I can get lost if I want to start over and try something different. The play gets so complicated I can't keep track....

  • I work on computer a lot. To freshen the brain I do a jigsaw puzzle and then play spider, several times a day. Absolutely love spider. Been playing quite a while and, at age 91, still learning new techniques.
    I used to be Avenue but got spooked when the anons came in. Don't know why, but needed be as "minimal" as I could get. Crazy.

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