Why I like Greenfelt

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Let's start a campaign to counter the complaints and we've seen so much of on this site. I'll go first:
I'm so grateful to @David and @Jim for starting a site where I can play so many games by myself, for free and just relax. Who's next?


  • I am also grateful to @Jim and @David for this great site , that I can enjoy several games that I play regularly on daily basis, with no interruptions from ads, and pop ups , and can escape from every day problems around me at my own leisure.

  • Amen to all that. Thank you Jim and David.

  • same, same, all of the above. <3 <3 <3 to Jim & David

  • How about we nominate @jim & @david for a Webby award?

  • Yes, yes and yes to all of the above. It is a wonderful relaxation to lose get lost in Greenfelt.

  • Yes to all the above comments!

  • It feels a bit like a family here after just being on the site awhile. The fact that Jim and David do this for zip, zero, nada, nothing is barely in the realm of reason. Thank you both so much and thank you to those who play here too.

  • It's a fun place to play and experience both new games and some astonishingly nice people.

  • Ditto to all of the wonderful things said above. These games are a balm for my brain and it's lovely to not have popup ads or frantic graphics. If you had an optional Patreon, I would gladly contribute.

  • Greenfelt has done for me what no therapist could ever do, for free. Greenfelt makes life better. Thanks Greenfelt.

  • Playing Green Felt's Klondike Solitaire over the long pandemic lockdown here in Seattle helped me maintain my sanity over the despair brought on by boredom and isolation.....so thank you kindly all. Now I play regularly because it calms me after reading the daily news! 🙃

  • My cat doesn't like Greenfelt. He thinks the time should be spent with him.

  • Mine just bonks my hand so I can't play or else walks all over the keyboard and messes up the game.

  • I second all that

  • Jim and David for president !

  • I'm not good at most things (just an average Joe), this is one of the very few areas where I can shine. Thanks Jim and David for being so generous with your time and your game site.

  • This is the best Solitaire site, Thanks to Jim and David! In the beginning I thought this was a college project or something that would eventually go by the wayside. However, I've been playing on this site for well over 15 years (18 I think) and David & Jim continue to make improvements and address requests. Amazing!!!!

  • Holy Toledo - 15 years!

  • I agree! Thank you @david and @jim for a great site1

  • Totally on this train!
    Big thanks to Jim and David providing this awesome site and keeping throngs of people entertained!!!

  • Yep. David and Jim are awesome! Thanks.

  • and thanks to @gmaterre for starting this thread!

  • It was time for joy and gratitude. As we can see, it was easy. Guys you are great examples. Thank you.

  • It has been a lifesaver for me. Have some serious social anxiety and i love the connection to others here. And the games of course.

  • Thank you @jim and @david . Mornings don't start until coffee and a few games of Freecell! And ditto to all the above.

  • I am late to the praise party but it doesn't matter. J&D have handed anyone who finds this Oasis of calm a place beyond price.
    THANK YOU is all I can give but it is heartfelt and said with admiration and as much love as an old man can muster.

  • Oasis of calm....I like that. This is the safest place I know.

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    I found Greenfelt thirteen years ago. Since then I have been playing almost every day. Some days for more hours than I'm willing to admit. I find it good meditation and good to keep my problem solving and organizational skills flexed. I've been very grateful to @jim and @david for this website all these years.

    I'm also grateful for everyone who plays on this site and especially for those who participate in the forums. Thanks @gmaterre for the thread.

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    What's not to love? Great games, no ads, and yet completely free. Thank you @jim and @david

  • A great site, I find it helps me stay sharp (relative,) and provides a distraction so I don't go off on my coworkers when problems arise. Cheers!

  • Friendship and all that goes with it.Thanks jim/david for an excellent site.I wonder if at first you ever thought you'r site would become so popular.It beats every other site I've played on.A big thank-you.

  • Great to see some familiar faces and new players to this site enjoying themselves with this cool forum , created by @gmaterre , to give us a reprieve to express our gratitude for what Green Felt and the great creators of this site have given all of us to be allowed to play games, communicate and above all have fun, Stay Safe, Peace & Love to all

  • Jim & Dave : Thank You ! benturpin

  • I have been hooked on Greenfelt for years now. Don’t stop being awesome!

  • I like Green Felt because it has a TIMER and a CARD COUNTER. I also appreciate that certain cards (e.g. 7H, 7H) happen FAR MORE OFTEN.
    And the best part is that none of those things are OPTIONAL. My life already has too many choices.

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