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fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED

Thank you 🙏 GreenFelt guys for giving players the option to either see anonymous players on the score card or to keep the status quo. You guys are really proactive to players requests. Have a star and an early minute - as we say down our way. 👍🙂

Option 1 without anon

Option 2 with anon


  • azgalazgal REGISTERED

    OK, I'm old and out of touch, but "anonymous" on a public, free, legal freecell game? Why?

  • unruly1unruly1 REGISTERED

    Thanks Green Felt folks for the options. I'm puzzled why so many good scores belong to anonymous. Step up and take credit folks! After seeing all the anonymous scores, I turned them off.

  • Yes! I like this option as well 😊
    1000's of anonymous players and never knew how many were better then me.
    Cool option, thanks guys!

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited May 6

    Hi @azgal I think playing anonymously is more than likely just convenient for players who want to play cards without having to think up a username, create an account and remember a password. GreenFelt offers that easy alternative, and it looks like lots of players enjoy that advantage.

  • I LOVE this option. It hasn't changed my miserable statistics at all, but it has confirmed that all stats before the change were only illusion. And all those people who used to always score in the top 10 and whom I always admired for their consistent talent usually get bumped off the top ten list when you click the option. The anonymous players clearly dominate. Lots of egos are probably bruised by this reality, but the truth is the truth.

  • I like the option to turn off the players' scores who don't want to participate in the global aspect of Greenfelt but I respect their right to do so. I'm not sure which game Imposter you're referring to, but the usual group of top scorers at Spider have remained the same.

  • Ah, but @Imposter keep in mind that if it’s a GOTD play then the anonymous scores in the top 10 may be the same person honing their skills before they log in and trounce the opposition. So with the anonymous box checked there is the chance that the same disguised player is shown in all the positions from one to ten 🙂

  • Cool option.

  • Switching to 40 Thieves this morning,I discovered a multitude of anonymouses all bus'y playing merrily away.Who would have thought!

  • Whoops! just found the anonymous button.Nice thought.

  • Thank you Jim & David for 'anonymous' option.

  • @fingsaint What you say above is probably true for the GOTD but I can't believe that would be true for every single game. I was speaking of general random games that we all play usually once. I play those games without the option checked to see the now-familiar names of the top 10, then I check the option box to see about 8/10 (sometimes all) names change to anonymous, Perhaps people practice anonymously in all games, but I don't believe so. Would a person practice anonymously to achieve the #1 spot and then sign in, replay, and end up in #10?

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited May 6

    @fingsaint: I think that as a rule if you play while not signed in to practice, then sign in once you’ve booked a score that you’re happy with, then all your prior scores get attributed to the user name—they don’t remain anonymous. Of course, there are ways to game that system, like practicing on a different device. I’m not sure whether rebooting the device clears the deck.

  • @Imposter yes GOTD only I reckon, like you I can’t see players going to that amount of effort on random games.

    @DeusExMachina I didn’t know that. Interesting to learn, I just assumed that the anonymous stayed anonymous. Does that mean the whole past history of anonymous green felt play is recognised and attributed to a player the minute they log in with a user name? What would happen on a public computer, say in a library where maybe multiple users, some anonymous, choose to play greenfelt? (highly hypothetical of course).

  • You know what’s missing now is a way to show only anonymous scores.

  • azgalazgal REGISTERED

    Strange. The term "over thinking" has suddenly come to mind.

  • @jim & @david: one problem with the display of anonymous scores (which you may well be aware of): all scores from a given anonymous player are shown. That is, the leader board is not limited the players first score or best score. This screenshot is from today’s Freecell GotD. The top 3 scores are mine. Based on the timing cluster of 4-10, I’d wager they’re from a single player as well. Given that by definition they’re not associated with a username, this may be an unavoidable side effect, and it’s not of great consequence, but no harm in calling it out.

  • How do you know they're yours. It says anonymous. Do you just assume? The third one you can tell because it's highlighted.


    @DeusExMachina, we only have a single ‘anonymous account that is shared by everyone playing anonymously, We’ve talked about automatically creating random accounts for people who haven’t signed in, but we haven’t gotten around to it. We could just show a single anonymous result per high score table, but then it wouldn’t add much.

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited May 16

    @binky3 the first and second would also have been highlighted on completion, that’s probably how @DeusExMachina kept track.

  • Thanks @jim. That would be a whole lotta random accounts. You might run out of alphanumeric combinations!
    @binky3: I know they’re mine because I played those games within a minute, and my memory is just good enough to recall my scores for that long.

  • Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Seven alphanumeric characters gives about three trillion combinations. Just for the record. :)

  • I want to know if it's the same player that beats me, or different ones.

  • Thanks Jim & David for Anonymous Option Button.

  • I agree with DeusExMachina. I'd like to know whether the guy that beat me did so on his first try. The "Show a player's first score, not their fastest" checkbox doesn't work.

    Also, I like to think I'm playing with friends. That's why I like to stop at 51; as if to say "Come and beat this!"

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