Adding percentage to the score

Game: freecell
Game #: 1877785387

What would you like to see?

Can percentages be given along with our score? I.e., if I'm #50 out of 500 who played, I'd be in the top 10%.


  • Showing the ranking in that way could be highly deceptive for several reasons, some of which are discussed in these threads:

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited February 22

    And again I ask "why?" Am I the only person who just plays the game, wins it or loses it and then moves on to the next game without thinking how fast I played, who I did better than? I don't think I am the only player like that.

    It's a game site. Just have fun.

    As always, it's up to the Green Felt guys.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited February 23

    And you know, play on. And please look at the links @DeusExMachina posted. Good info there.

  • @barzonymous, some find enjoyment in mulling the statistics. I'm one of those. Others just play the game and move on. Green Felt has plenty of room for both.

  • Yes, as I said-I think there are a few like me and a few like you. And play on.

  • Barzonymous, I'm like you. I play for my own enjoyment. I'm not really interested in who did I do better than, or how fast was I. I just like to challenge myself and have fun.

  • It's pretty easy to figure out. Most computers and cell phones have a calculator so you don't even have to think much. I do it once in awhile -- to keep my spirits up if I've come in at 324 or something for a few games!

  • I use a calculator sometimes. It's not rocket science ;)
    But it's not because I want to compare my scores to others' but to see if I'm improving, competing with myself.

  • Hello zudensternen/Barzonymous.I'm not one for statistics but each to their own.In my case I play,win,lose and move on to the next game.It's nice to view an intelligent,polite exchange rather than the usual accusations of cheating and the use of various Machiavellian ploys.Play on and enjoy.Cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit awaits.

  • I've been on both sides of this. I was at one time very competative on the score board. Not so much anymore, these days I calculate my percentage as a gauge of my cognitive skills. To each his own!

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