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That political electioneering names like 'f*ckTrump' and so on should not be allowed. And that's for both sides. We need to live in a world where not everything is turned head over heels into a politicized war zone.


  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited October 13

    Think of the song from Frozen and just "let it go."

    And report it to @Jim or @David.

  • So once again we go from a leaderboard where hardly anybody notices to The Forum where hundreds if not thousands of people see it. The guys who started the site once said that it was like seeing a bumper sticker. You can get out and fight if you'd like but maybe the best thing would be to choose to ignore it

  • My only hope is that the people outside the US that use this site don't think that everybody in this country are like the people who seek to rule it

  • I wouldn't think of it

  • Bless you Sir Graeme.

  • I would like to order a double pepperoni pizza to go with my games of Golf Wrap Around and some Klondike, if only I could eat it. Let's play games and have fun, that's what this site was created for by Jim & David was designed for, Stay Safe everybody.

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