Get new password when you have forgotten it.

I have been registered as "Horzel" for a long time already. This morning I got a score as "anonimous" and I was invited to register or to log-in. I never log out to begin with! I found some instructions, chose "change password" under "account settings" and chose a new password. After clicking oké, it said that I needed to be logged for changing the password. Now what??? I would be sorry to loose my scores :-(


  • Hello Horzel 2.Has happened to me quite a few times.Easily rectified.Just re-log in with your name and same pass-word.Your original name will re-appear.I believe this automatically happens after a period of time.If you'r original password is not accepted just change you'r password.I'm sure Jim or David will explain this perhaps better than I but this should not be a problem for you.All the best.

  • I can relate to graeme in that at least once a week I clear my search history,under history in upper right , and once in a blue moon I clear my cookies and have to resign in as stated , it's frustrating at times yes. Play on , Have Fan, Happy Holidays to all

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