No more anonymous players

Game: freecell
Game #: 1657246008

What would you like to see?

People who play anonymously play many times to get the best scores and then login just to win. Please disallow anonymous playing.



    There’s a checkbox to disable seeing anonymous players.

  • I'm quite happy to play against anonymice.In fact I use the checkbox every time I play in order to do so.There are some good players there and it raises my game.What's wrong with that?........practice,practice,practice.Concentrate on improving you'r own game.Have a nice day.

  • Some of my best friends here are anonymous players. I respect their anonymity, and enjoy our chats!

  • Hello @graeme, my dear friend, it's so good to hear from you. I've been gone a couple weeks to my sister's & have missed you and my other friends. As I've always said you have the most positive things to say, but I don't like mice of any kind, anony or otherwise. They are pesky and just take up space. Sorry to offend the "little" critters. Is it almost tea time for you?

  • Hello binky3.Yes.Just consumed some Irish Whisky-cake for tea.Hope everything went well with you'r visit.Take care and lets hope you don't bump into any of the ''little critters''......anonymous or otherwise.

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