I miss the anonymous players.

Oddly, I feel like we have been placed in quarantine. The many, many unlogged players were still part of the fun.


  • @Fireweed I kind of feel the same way

  • We shall have to muddle on.....

  • I am listed as anonymous. What I noticed is the incredible (really hard to believe) few players I am part of. Maybe it IS the segregating of anonymous folks like me. BOOO Awful.

  • It does seem the world is much smaller. I liked the global feel of the previous scheme

  • Three things, @deebeee:
    1. Anonymous players are not segregated; rather they’re not counted. That is, there’s not one list of signed in players and another list of anonymous players. The only list is signed in players. When you play anonymously, the scoreboard at the end of each game ranks you relative to all logged in players, but your result is not saved to the database.
    2. Anonymous players far outnumber logged in players. That’s why the total number shown has dropped so dramatically. Until recently, the total included games played by anonymous players, but the ranking did not.
    3. If you don’t want to be anonymous, then just sign in! You clearly have an account because you’re able to post here on the forum. In case you’re not aware, you can be signed into the forum side but not the game side, or vice versa.

  • It's the loss of the results of others that makes this version seem less global. We knew there were lots of people playing without logging in, and that made the game seem more....I don't know, world wide? In any case, we sill muddle on.

    edited May 3

    Technically we keep track of anonymous games but we only show non-anonymous (nonymous??) games in the high score table.

    The only reason we hide anonymous is because they account for roughly 80% of all games played! So the high score would presumably be almost completely anonymous which isn't very exciting, even though it does show a more accurate accounting of people who have played.

  • It does have an interesting psychological effect on people; the reasonings do give one some things to contemplate about human nature.

  • I'd rather have anonymous companions than exciting scores.

  • @david: with all the griping about anonymous players being excluded, it might be interesting to add them back in and show them in the Top 10 list (perhaps with part of the IP address appended). I wonder how folks would feel about the list being dominated by “anonymous.”

  • It doesn't have so much to do with anonymous players. That never occurred to me. But we, who are not speed demons out to beat everyone else to get that coveted #1 spot doesn't do a lot for our egos when we can't even come close to top 10. That does sting a little. It just feels better to be #79 (or whatever) out of 500 than 17 out of 20.

  • I agree with Binky3 (Terry Prachette reference?) But before the change, the leader board didn't include them did it? We are interested in the number of times the game has been attempted, not the leader board.

  • agree with @binky3

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited May 5

    Color me confused.
    If I understand correctly, @binky3, @Fireweed, and @sierrarose want the total number (“You placed Nth out of [Total]” to go back to including anonymous players, but without any change to how ranking is calculated. Is that correct?
    If so, then either I’m missing something or y’all are. That would return us to exactly where we were before, where “Nth” was relative only to signed-in players while the displayed total included anonymous players, thereby giving a completely misleading impression. In other words, if you’re now averaging 17 out of 20, then back when your average reported ranking of 79th out of 500 likely meant that you were actually coming in about 425th (assuming that the scoring profile of anonymous players is consistent with that of logged-in players).

    By the way, if anybody here is putting much stock in your ranking on these games—particularly in whether you crack the Top 10 or “get that coveted #1 spot“—you might want to reevaluate your priorities. Not so much because of this whole who’s-included-in-the-total but rather because unless you’re the last person to play a particular game, your finishing position is a snapshot in time. Come back an hour later and you may find that you dropped off the leader board. To which I say, “So what??!?!!”

  • We, who are not impressed with high scores or always being #1 as you used to have to be, but just to see what our numbers are. We don't play to be #1 or even #50, but we do like to be acknowledged, just to be shown that we at least beat the game which is the goal in solitaire. I feel that those who are so hell bent on that almighty "BIG WINNER" place should go to Vegas and get their jollies there. Most of us play for relaxation, not to beat the clock, even though we ourselves are the only ones who see it.

  • By the way.....what is Nth. I suppose it's zero. I hate internet abbreviations. All the kids today are growing up not knowing how to spell or talk because of them.

  • @binky 1 2 3 ... n
    First second third ... nth

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited May 6

    Hi @binky3 ‘nth’ is a formal mathematical adjective that’s been around since the 16th century. A bit before the internet 😉

    Its dictionary definition is:
    adjective: nth
    denoting an unspecified member of a series of numbers or enumerated items.
    "systematic sampling by taking every nth name from the list"
    (in general use) denoting an unspecified item or instance in a series, typically the last or latest in a long series.
    "he had just been booted out of his digs for the nth time"

    Yes, I agree with you that Green Felters play for all sorts of different reasons. Each to their own is a good way to look at it.

  • @jim & @david: thanks for adding the option to see Anonymous scores!!! That fills out the statistical picture very nicely.

  • @Arborist@fingsaint.....Well, i'm quite red-faced, should have Googled. I really did go to school and do have an education but that does make me look somewhat stupid. This is the last i'm going to say on the matter, but that is not the way the scoreboard used to look. "Anonymous" was NOT named like that and listed each and every one. Seems a bit condescending and ,boy, have I learned my lesson. Thanks for this wonderful site.

  • If you want your old scores back you could take your ranking of 79, click on the "show anonymous" option, ignore the new calculation of rank 425, and divide by the now-higher total number of players. A bit much for soothing the ego on every game though. I just changed my goals. A lot less effort.

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