won't download!

Game: klondike
Game #: 1591300469
Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; Trident/7.0; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; rv:11.0) like Gecko
JS-Version: 2019-04-07_15:46:35_-0700_fd8dc0008ec81e4e5b7ec0e262803a256e5df53b

Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:


  • https://greenfelt.net/klondike
    higger , I hope this is what you are inquiring about , is that Klondike is not loading properly, I being simple minded at times didn't understand what you are asking, I hope this helps , if not maybe some other players may help you , Take Care , Have fun , play on. click on url on top of this message to you.

  • riverra55, hey there, I just got your reply message and cant tell when you sent it.....but thanks anyhoo.....doesnt answer my question tho. Im addicted to solitare, and cant figue out why its not recording my score, recently signed out/signed back in/ cleared computer...cookies etc, and ran the scan. Still no go with the score, no options in upper right corner (minature card you can click on to save scores till later) ....not sure whats going on, little icon not present atm.. I also had a question about why I land on the board (top 10) and the ppl I beat is under 100 most of the time. (most has been 400's) But next game is a low 300 out of 12,000. How come its only 100 ppl I beat when I win but 12,000 ppl when Im a looser? The amt of ppl playing could not have changed by that large of number within 3 minutes. IMPOSSIBLE.....I do not trust the score keepers anymore, and have not received an answer regarding this but have submitted the question many times. I wish there was a better way to communicate on here with the moderators. Thanks if anyone knows the answer to this dilemma,,,

  • @jim and @david
    click on one of these links it will help you reach site creators.

  • No mystery here. This has been explained numerous times. Two scenarios could explain a dramatic decrease in the “out of” number from one game to the next. Most likely, the first game was the designated Game-of-the-Day, That game generally has anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of plays by the end of the day, depending on the solitaire game. The new GotD starts at midnight GMT each day. As a rule, the first game you play each day is the GotD
    The second scenario is that you loaded Game 1 just befor the top of the hour and Game 2 right after the start of the next hour. A new set of games starts at the top of each hour. I don’t know about Klondike, but with Freecell the hour’s first game often has 3000-4000 plays by the end of the hour.
    Also, since you referred to the number people, I’ll point out that the “out of” number reflects the number of times a game was played by a logged in player, not the number of people who played it or even the number of times it was completed. So say only you and I play a given game, but I play it 100 times, recording a better score than you every time, it would show you as 101 out of 101. If, on the other hand, I failed to finish in any of my 100 attempts, then you’d show as #1 of 101. (I probably got some details wrong WRT to what gets counted in the “out of” number, in which case I hope Jim or David will correct me,)

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