l/h click

l/h click on Mac won't work until clicked many times.


  • Been like this for 6 weeks. Reported previously. No fix yet!


    Is your laptop bulging at the bottom? When the batteries in some Macs get old they bulge causing the trackpad to get distorted and ignore clicks. I suspect you need a new battery.

  • Data point: this happened to my wife's MacBook Air a year and a half ago; but since the battery was replaced, the mouse has been getting progressively more insensitive to the click gesture, to the point where it is today: about one click in 3 or 4 registers, and that only on a small & shrinking part of the pad.

  • Bulging bottom?Well I never!

  • @graeme ...perhaps we shouldn't wander too far afield on this one... >:)

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