sexy girls

G C Smitty, come over to my game and see a real sexy girl


  • hahaha

  • Green Felt Gone Wild

  • Sex?Take up gardening.Lasts longer and is more enjoyable.............Chris said that.Play on folks and stay safe.I'm off for beefburghers and mash.Bye all.

  • Annette says intelligence is sexy...and she's the smartest women on the planet.
    Hot doggies with kraut and mustard for me.

  • ...with red skin potato salad...if its still PC to say that.

  • Better be careful using language like that.

  • Who are the sexy girls anyway?

  • I think that was a figment of someone's imagination graeme, but I preferred the sexy guys video. Also, seeing you hit that #1 spot in klondike a lot lately. You're good.

  • Hello binky3.Nice of you to say.Win some,lose some.Many good players on the site now.Not easy to keep up with them.Hope you and your's are safe and well.Will share a glass or two of Peroni with Chris in the garden this evening.Cheers to the sexy guys.

  • Enjoy the Peroni, @graeme and Chris.

    @homedoggy, Annette is absolutely and irrefutably correct.

    Hope everyone's well, and happy, and enjoying the summer, such as it is...

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