Thank you for this site

I really enjoy lurking on the posts - the sarcasm and general lightheartedness of everything. It is a welcome daily retreat for me. An escape from the stuff in the world and my life.

It is, by far, the best solitaire game around. I found it in 2017, love the games, even win a few now and again.

A big thank you to the whole community (I even have come to love the people who freak out over the holiday cards, and the 'impossible' times some people can complete games in.) Thank you all for being there!

(Also, I wanted to move that last post down a notch : )


  • It's a lot of fun, isn't it?


    (Also, I wanted to move that last post down a notch : )

    LoL! Thanks for taking the time to write, even if you had ulterior motives. -@jim

  • I am among the game players who find such joy from anything Greenfelt. My eternal thanks to Jim and David for all that they have given us to enjoy. I too do not care for political stances, plain rudery (as I call it) or name calling. I do appreciate that new comers can be a little thrown by colors and card sizes that they do not understand and it takes all of us to be tolerant until they get up to speed. If we keep friendly towards everyone it would be a great example to set for the rest of mankind. The patience shown in repeating the same instructions over and over again is admirable. We know who you are and I salute you all - Jim and David's helpers
    We all have our happy places and we too have our sad places. We can uplift each other and try to make each day count as we count the days.
    Please stay safe y'all.

  • I'll second that.

  • Ditto. graeme, I'm seeing you right up there in the #1 spot in traditional solitaire and it always makes me smile. After watching Escape to the Country almost every day, I can picture you and your lovely wife in your beautiful garden sipping tea or wine and I'm sitting right there joining you, taking in those glorious views. It seems gardens are just as important to ya'll as the dwelling, but nothing wrong with that. Hope ya'll are well.

  • Thank-you binky3.Pouring down with rain at the moment but Chris and I will share a bottle of wine in the garden when it's fine.We are lucky really that we can get out of the house at this time.So many can't.Cath,our daughter,works in a hospital so we don't have the chance to share that experience with her yet.One day when this nightmare is over.Touch wood we are all well here as I hope you and yours are.Take care my friend we live in uncertain times.Having strawberries for tea.Cheers!.........Chris likes Escape to the Country.

  • I like "We can uplift each other and try to make each day count as we count the days." Thank you Jim & David for times when I need to get away from it all. And mentally escape to tea in the garden with gracious GreenFelters.

  • Yes.Thank heaven for Greenfelt.Have read all my books during this lock-down,am now reduced to reading the labels on our food containers.Still raining.

  • So glad Jim and Dave included Addiction on their sight. Have a great day everyone.

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