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Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:

Please do not tell me that you are so naive hat you do not understand the translation of this player name: 45s♥cksP♥t♥nD♥ck Please ban this player!!!


  • Why, what does it mean?

  • @Sage - some sort of duck with 45 pots full of tin socks, I believe

  • Can you draw us a picture?


    @tedominator Thanks for letting us know but the hearts are things we're already censored. It's arguable that our vowels → hearts technique is not harsh enough but honestly that's a hard like to walk… Generally it seems to be ok.

  • Interpreted. Move along to next game. Nothing to see here.

  • Possibly putting it in a huge post called more attention to it than the actual player name.

    Just a thought.

  • Agreed. What does it even mean?

  • CindyinSeattleCindyinSeattle REGISTERED
    edited July 24

    I think that crazy name is like a Rorschach test...what each person sees says something about that person's biases and thought processes. So I wonder what tedominator sees and what they are upset. Me, I also see something along the lines of duck with 45 pots full of tin socks. So silly!

  • Well! He/She has had plenty of publicity which I assume is the intention.I'm off to walk the dog.Stay safe everyone.

  • I see a bunch of letters and symbols. I would never have seen it at all without this post! Off to play games.

  • Maybe tedominator is just sore because other person gets higher scores.

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