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  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited June 15

    Okay, here you go: it’s big and orange and has no concept of truth, honor, or morality.

  • Well done.

  • Ha

  • Hee hee...good one! :smile:

  • It comes out of a machine and hasn't got the faintest idea what takes place behind closed doors...

  • 'taint funny mcgee

  • You’re absolutely correct, @jezzbelle. There’s nothing amusing about any of this. Rather, it’s alarming, tragic, and—a favorite word for a certain someone—disgraceful.
    So while I won’t deny it was intended to be amusing—to at least 55% of people—it equally an expression of scorn and disgust.

  • Let's hear an AMEN, DeusEXMachina. AMEN!!!!


    @walczak We've not done hints because (a) it would require a full game solver to be an actual useful hint, (b) it wouldn't be really fair for the high scores. Maybe it would invalidate the high score, or only allow 1 or 2 hints per game or something. Either way a is the hard part.

    Everyone else: let's at least try not to gratuitously start flamewars! :)

  • I agree with David, a full game solver to provide an actual useful hint is too difficult and extensive a task, since it would need to be programmed individually for every single game. I have an alternative suggestion, to provide a STRATEGY SOLVING ADVICE and HINTS. This would give some broad ideas on how to solve games in general, a game strategy and interesting short cuts. This would include hints, not specific for one particular example but more a general "tricks of the trade". It is something that could be compiled and written slowly over time by all of us contributing our knowledge, a bit like contributing to Wikipedia.

    To try to illustrate what I mean. The game level could be divided into 1) Beginner, 2) Medium and 3) Advanced. To give a concrete example: Hints for SHT:
    1) Beginner. Start with any specific suit, releasing the Ace, then the Two etc. Before being blocked. Start again with another suit. This shows how "embedded" each suit is within the pack. Now, try with 2 suits, alternating between them.
    2) Medium. The front game consists of observing which suit has the most low denomination cards near the front, thus easily removed. The back game consists of building one or more columns. A balanced game consists of alternating between these two modes.
    Etc. Etc. (I have some very specific hints which I discovered only after 5 years of playing).

    The difficulty in writing this sort of text is explaining game moves in words, maybe it needs images as well with specific examples.

  • Great idea @kingfisher. Sort of like a Solitaire For Dummies. But I agree that the hardest thing is in describing exactly the situations and the actions called for. Perhaps a YouTube channel might work. That way images could be incorporated making things easier to understand. I'll click the 'thumbs up' ring the bell and become a Patron if you start one.

  • @kingfisher, @homedoggy — I think it's possible to give useful general hints, particular to each game. E.g. for KL: you can click cards in the "finished" piles and use them to advance the play. (I cottoned to that one only after a few weeks of play.) For FC: start with the aces.

    The hints shouldn't necessarily be too easy to find, lest they act as spoilers and inadvertently ruin the fun for some people.

  • Solitaire for dummies sounds encouraging.Could we have that alongside our 'secret games'?If I have a bad day I can revert to that.Play on folks!

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