How can you get 51?

zudensternenzudensternen REGISTERED

In Klondike — if there is one card left it has to autocomplete, no?


  • I've been wondering the same thing. Every game, that I've seen, it seems he/she tries for this score with a high number of moves. Hope they see this and puts our curiosity at ease.

  • I understand the question now. Interesting observation.

  • lassolasso REGISTERED

    You could "give up" at 51. Not sure why, but could do that.

  • @lasso, I think that must be it. (But why??)

  • Maybe just forgot to make the last click. So excited to see the end in sight . . .

  • You don't have to click "give up", just click on "new game" and still records your score.

  • I can’t speak for spee-dee-mee, of course, but I’ve quit with 1 card remaining on the Freecell GotD to figure out what percentage of the tens of thousands of plays were actually completed. The answer is a bit surprising. Of the nearly 35,000 plays For yesterday’s GotD, only 2,801 finished. That’s only 8.065%.
    Which could come as bad news for the player who came in at 2,800 and thought, “Not bad! I’m in the top 10%.”
    Not a likely the explanation in the case of this game of Klondike since you can see at a glance that only 2 players finished.

  • Just finished the above game.I just think spee-dee-mee may have pressed give up by mistake.I have done it myself,especially if you are on the point of completing a game at speed,[no pun intended].Highly unusual to see a score of 51 though.

  • I've not seen spee-dee-mee on this forum, I don't think. It would be great if s/he commented here.

  • I think it's on purpose because i've seen it many times where he/she is #1 of no winners with a score of 51 and always a high numbers of moves. Ya'll know what they say about curiosity. Why!!!!

  • Just played a game where I could have racked up a 51: three kings and one queen showing, one card face-down. Only needed to hit Give Up. But it wouldn't have mattered, because after I went out with 52 I was #35 or something, so no one but me would ever see it.

  • OK spee-dee-mee, if you're reading, we want to see you start winning with 50.

  • Beats me.I have never had 51.........and twice! I think he/she deserves a special award for incredulity

  • check out klondike game #1466318823

  • 405 moves! Seriously???

  • re:442106159 I couldn't come close to 51 or 52!!!

  • That is one dedicated gamer, right there.

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