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  • It's May 1st next Friday, so it should get warmer, in the Northern Hemisphere, sometime after that. I agree with you, though, it has been [pardon my language] chilly. I look forward to turning the heat off and opening a window.

  • lol, xb, Sage stay warm , stay safe. Turned my heater on and gave the game a go, not going to tell you any fish stories on my score, Might try hitting the little swirly thing in top left Reload Page or on game screen tap Replay it will restart game. Have Fun!

  • Have switched my heating off now.Have'nt told Chris yet.Thought I'd tell her after I've had my bacon sandwiches lunchtime.On second thoughts I may not......may be the last bacon sandwiches I'll have for a while.xb,I would recommend a nice thick wooly jumper.Hope you thaw out in time for summer.Take care.

  • It has been the warmest and sunniest April that I can ever remember here in the UK. I am not sure if this has made lockdown harder or easier. I am thankful we have a garden to enjoy. Love your sense of humour, Sage, and your advice is always sound. Coincidentally, Graeme, we have just partaken bacon sandwiches and bucks fizz in the garden for our wedding anniversary.

  • Hello Kat59.Happy Anniversary!Will be in the garden shortly celebrating you'r anniversary with a few bottles of Peroni,followed by a large pork pie.Play on!

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