Now that a few jack wagons have ruined the game I'm hopeful (pun intended) you find a creative way to fix it and avoid future problems.


  • probably me

  • I had proposed that when a game kept reappearing that was loading up the board with the same one or two players, that those specific games would be automatically shifted to a separate game screen so that people can play that game as much as they want without bottling up the main game for others. I believe the coding to do this is rather simple and could be implemented in a short time. There are currently two or three games that keep coming back up every day. Games 791533794 and 1193945202 are the problematic games.

  • Which game, the game of the day or the 'high scores' games. If I have been a 'jackwagon' it was not intentional. I try to play for a high score while logged off on both,. The game of the day Can require a few tries to get a top score, and thoughh I had the three high scores you can look at the standings now and see why. As for the games in the high score section below, duesxmachina (sp) tries to start the day off with a nice selection of games but there are people who end up in a grudge match, like today, and fill the standings. JackofHearts has a good suggestion above, but until then all you can do is get on it ASAP before it gets loaded with the same two games.

  • Ever since I got hooked on Hopeless last August, I've kept a log of most of games on which I've scored more than 24,000 points (complete with the date I found it and the score, rounded to down to the thousand). If anyone's interested, I could share it somehow--probably as a cloud doc somewhere. Should be possible to make it editable so others can add games (i.e., rows) and their own scores (columns).
    This would basically be an end run around the problems with the site's High Scores list. What's more, I expect it would actually exacerbate those problems because more "old" games would be filling the board, thereby making it harder for new games to surface there. As I proposed in this thread several months ago, I think a better solution would be to change the behavior of the High Scores list so that the Today panel shows only games first played that day and, ideally, only the top score for each of those games.
    Anyway, if you're interested in having me share my log of 24K+ games, let me know either by posting here or sending me a DM.

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