should be called highway robbery

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You can never win if you do not receive all the cards


  • the game is way to fixed so you can never win!

  • Forty Thieves Game no. # 1066730941
    Score 104
    Moves 232
    Time 6:58
    Not a record breaker , I enjoy playing for fun, with a twist to a challenging game on this wonderful FREE Game Sight, this and many other games have won , or even placed on occasion placed in top ten you don't always win game as others have stated in past forums, have won few games after locking game halfway through 104 as you have 2 full decks to play on.

  • Is anyone getting paid? I don't think so.

    And I have won 40 Thieves, because there are winnable games.

  • pinky345, I just played that game and there is no evidence that any cards are being withheld, deliberately or otherwise. What makes you think cards are missing? Which cards are missing? And beyond that, what possible reason would there be for anyone withholding cards? I doubt that even the most malicious person would find that withholding cards gave them any pleasure - and the developers of this site are utterly the opposite of malicious. It is a sad commentary on the world today that personal failure is frequently and aggressively blamed on someone else. I doubt that you will reply to this, or even read it, since it seems the need to express the loudest grievances goes with a lack of understanding that a forum is a place for discussion, not simply a place to shout about one's frustrations. (Apologies to any other readers for verbosity, I just felt like a rant this morning.)

  • @nt599 I always enjoy reading a good rant, thanks for that :D

    Poor old @pinky345 has a history of comments about getting frustrated with games. Go into the swear cupboard pinky and let rip! You’ll feel better for it. ;)

  • A perfect rant, @nt599 Thank you, I may quote you in the future... :)

  • Hello nt599.That's an excellent rant if I may say so.You have very articulately put into context what many of us feel about these moaners.Well done.Now we can all play on.

  • The Highway Robber: "Your money or your life." The player: "Take both, I'm insured."
    This is the BEST SINGLE SITE on the whole internet (HURRAY for Jim and David) for fun, relaxation, humour and sheer enjoyment.

  • Thank you all, I'm glad you enjoyed my letting off steam. Never underestimate the value of a good rant - see the attached! I know it won't last but one takes what can get, even if only temporarily<img src=""
    PS, I thought I had posted this yesterday, clearly I have no idea what I am doing most of the time.

  • For those who enjoy a misguided rant-gone-awry, check out this old story:
    For those of an age to remember Gilda Radner's Emily Litella character on SNL, imagine her as the mayor and Chevy Chase as the guy who's trying patiently to explain things to him.
    Unfortunately, the full transcript is nowhere to be found (at least _I _couldn't find it...). It was priceless.

  • @DeusExMachina That was a very entertaining story - thanks for digging it up and sharing it with us.
    During my long tenure as a software engineer and programmer, I frequently found myself in the position of mediator/translator between tech people and - well, just about everyone else. I found that while they could speak articulately and knowledgeably about computers and networks, my tech colleagues usually had trouble when it came time to explain - in terms they could understand - the how and why of the failures and frustrations of the internet and computer technology in general. In many instances (such as the one in the Tuttle story) it was a case of patiently working through the anger and/or frustration of non-tech folks and finding out exactly what had occurred. Any time their computer does something unexpected, non-tech users tend to react with "I've been hacked!" and to start looking around for villains, followed by accusations against innocent parties and irrational responses to attempts to resolve the problem. Determining the precise nature of the error is the only way to find out who can correct it. Teasing this information out of users can be a trying process.

    Computing has become so commonplace in modern life that most people have no comprehension of how complex it actually is. Clicking on a link in a web site is simple from the perspective of the user - but please be assured that an enormous amount of work is being performed on many computers in many physical locations in response to that simple action. It also depends on communications networks, probably involving satellites! There are virtually countless opportunities for errors to intrude on this process. To make matters worse, there are often no direct methods to trace an error back to its source. Someone - usually an overworked and overstressed systems administrator - must devise a method on the spot to analyze the situation. Then, once the problem has been isolated, there is rarely an easy fix available. The good people of Tuttle are fortunate in that this particular difficult turned out to be relatively simple.

    Having seen it, I could not unsee your suggestion of Gilda and Chevy in an SNL skit. Now I will be chuckling over it all day! My God, how I miss those early SNL days...

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