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Game: freecell
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  • all red

    edited February 16

    Yes, this site is hacked every holiday... A lot of us love when it happens, and enjoy the challenge, and a lot of us don't. C'est la vie! ¡Así es la vida! 這就是生活!Zo is het leven! Энэ бол амьдрал! To jest życie! Isso é vida! Sin beatha! Sin é an saol! Dyna fywyd! این زندگی است! ʻO ia ke ola! So ist das Leben! यही ज़िन्दगी है! But, unfortunately or fortunately, it's all over in twenty four hours. (There is that Normal Cards button, to the right of the game number, if you can't play with the cards in holiday mode.)

  • Aloha, Bon Jour , Hello Sage thanks for comment. as seen cards are back to normal as message in another forum by @jim , Take Care,

  • @riverrat55 and you're to be commended for all your Valentine's cards complaints damage control... :)

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