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Game: freecell
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Where did you put the link to change the card backs? I can' find it anywhere.


  • With all due respect on free cell , the backs of the cards are not shown as all the 52 cards are all face up.
    Only other option for card backs have listed in url feed above which on your game screen in upper right click New Card Backs on News. I hope one of these items is what you are searching for in info in your query. Have fun play on.

    edited January 26

    Hi @Mama_Jo, as @riverrat55 has said, the “Deck” menu is only available on the games that show the card backs, like Solitaire, but unlike Free Cell. I can see how that’s confusing, but it would be possibly more confusing to make changes and not see the effect because there are no card backs in the current game.

    Have fun,

  • Thanks guys.. I just assumed that I could change the card backs when I felt like it no matter what game I was playing. Nice to know that t 73 I can still learn.

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