F U Trump?

I don't believe this is an arena to air out your political view point! The FU is putting it lightly as far as the actual users name! It is completely spelled out an all I can say is that it is totally ridiculous. The site is to play games, nothing more and nothing less! People like this could ruin this site. They should be banned!!


  • The actual player name is FUCK YOU TRUMP

  • Do you have a link for the game you found this user name in, so @david or @jim can find it and "fix" it?

  • https://greenfelt.net/klondike?game=700718191
    Sage this game came from Obscene forum on 1/19/20 . game number is 700718191 of klondike if I messed up on link I saw name the other day on other games of klondike as I play the game several times a day.

  • You're absolutely right, vanman81. But I don't think you've gone nearly far enough in drawing attention to this unconscionable verbiage. You should yell it from the rooftops and use the power of social media to draw more attention to how wrong it is. Facebook, Twitter, & reddit give you much greater reach than this little forum.
    Or better yet, you could get elected to the U.S. Senate and work your protest into committee testimony. Then I can set a clip of your statement to music, post it on YouTube, and make a bloody fortune. Just like someone did with Leslie Graham: [warning: Rated R for language.]

  • I thought that trump had told us that's just locker room talk and we should ignore it. Like I try so hard to ignore him. Impotus.

  • Impotus, locker room talk, lady parts...


    The user in question has been censored. Everyone has had their fun, lets let this topic die now.

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