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  • Correct my name. MONONCLE ends with number 1 not the symble !

  • Why are you yelling?
    Bad news...The name you have is the name you gave yourself.
    Good news....It's easy to change.
    Way up in the upper right of any game screen, you'll see your user name. Click on it...and then click on user settings. See...easy stop yelling.

  • manners are always a nice touch

  • the caps would explain how u got a "!" instead of a "1" .. .. .. ;)

  • Hi @MONONCLE! there is already a player registered as @MONONCLE1 so that means either you already exist under a different log-in or your first uncle has already been taken by another greenfelter.

    Cheer up :) All is not lost, perhaps consider becoming MONONCLYWONKLEY1

  • The username CAPLOCK1 is also available.

  • Happy New Year!

  • just inadvertently stumbled upon this. the comments, particularly in the order I see them, are hilarious. sarcasm may be the lowest form of humor, but it can be funny! good to know a sense of humor still exists. no disrespect to monocle! intended.

  • I agree.Start the New Year with a smile.Just had a cup of tea and a blueberry muffin.

  • With all those capital letters, seem like an exclamation point is fitting.

    edited January 9

    @Caz2b , it breaks the tension of playing the games of the day. ;) I think so, @homedoggy . No matter what you change your user name to, or if you never return to Green Felt again, you'll always be MY NAME IS MONONCLE1 NOT MONONCLE! to us. I've got some chocolate hidden, around here, somewhere...

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