cant get the cards - just the green background

URL: /solitaire

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  • cards

  • can't get cards

  • So.... whats the problem?

  • have enlarged the screen to a point where you only get the green felt. Try to reduce the screen size (two fingers on the mousepad)
    If that doesn't work, you should me tion it on the forum 20 or 30 times.
    Good luck.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited January 6

    The important thing in asking a question on one post is never ever to go back to that post to see if someone answered it. Just keep posting the question. (I really do hope the OP speaks sarcasm fluently.)

    And @homedoggy, that was a brilliant response from you! I laughed out loud.

  • @123burnett ... its really not necessary to post your problem as many times as you have... You may benefit by addressing the problem to David or Jim..they or someone else would be able to help you. Your frustration is showing & as fore mentioned , if you read some of the posts on this forum you will surely find the answer ... good luck and make sure you have fun.....

  • Something odd is definitely going on here. I'm getting the cards without the green felt.

    edited January 7

    You must have gotten an error when loading the green felt. If you press shift while clicking reload, it should re download the missing images.

    Thanks for posting a screen shot! Theyreally help when diagnosing issues.

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