May we have Christmas cards?

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What would you like to see?


  • Christmas trees or snowmen

    edited December 2019

    There will, or should, be Christmas cards, but it would wreak too much havoc to have them before Christmas Eve or for more than two or three days. Some people don't like playing with anything other than the standard card suits and protest vehemently. Be patient... both Santa Claus and the Christmas cards will arrive when they should. Jingle jingle... :)

  • Just leave some milk and cookies out for Jim and David delivers the Christmas Cards to all of us. and few for Santa he might be a little full.

  • Humbug!

    edited December 2019

    Thank you, @tucsonsky for your wonderful Christmas elf magic! :)

    Are the mince pies ready yet, graeme?

  • I just found out it is ugly Christmas sweater day??? Maybe some card backs with ugly sweater patterns

  • Fantastic! lol

  • Hello Sage.Yes,they are ready,in fact we have some very nice ones with icing on the top.We will also have puffed pastry mince pies as an encore.I'm saving myself at the moment.Toast and honey for breakfast.Happy Xmas to you and you'r family.

  • As it happens Chris,in a moment of madness has just bought a Xmas jumper with lots of red stars on it.I don't think I'll make any adverse comments though,I may lose my Xmas dinner.Merry Xmas all,especially those with ugly jumpers.

  • A poem, of sorts, this Winter Solstice....

    To all - Love and Peace in the New Year………….

    The Shortest Day
    by: Susan Cooper

    So the shortest day came and the year died....
    and everywhere down the centuries of the snow white world came people... drive the dark away.
    They lighted candles in the winter trees, they hung their homes with evergreen....
    they burned beseeching fires all night long to keep the year alive.
    And when the new days sunshine blazed awake they shouted...
    Through all across the ages you can hear them echoing behind us....
    All the long echoes sing the same delight this shortest day.
    As promise wakens in the sleeping land they carol, feast, give thanks and dearly love their friends...
    and hope for peace...
    and so do year....
    and every year.

    Welcome Yule!!

    edited December 2019

    Thanks for the lovely poem, @Ptownpapa

    The mince pies sound delicious, @graeme Merry Christmas to you and Chris... enjoy Xmas dinner!

    And Merry Christmas to GreenFelters, one and all, and your families and friends!

  • agree with Sage on your beautiful poem Ptownpapa and Merry Christmas to you and Sage.

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