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  • Paupacker , first want to welcome you to Greenfelt Solitaire as seen you are a newcomer to our great site. As your forum , hate to be a bearer of bad news there is " NO " sound on this site, for me I usually turn on some music on stereo or open second page and open youtube and put on some good ole' rock n roll on, not into sounds of card shuffling, as most people on this site will tell you , Have Fun, Play on, and enjoy the games and beautiful free site with no pop ups or ads , none of that either on this site.

  • There is enough extraneous noise in this world -- we don't need it here (unless, of course, you have a disability of some sort that requires it). I like the calmness of quiet, and it seems other folks do, too. If you can't stand the quiet, do like Riverrat says and turn on some music you like.

  • We do have's the sounds of silence.

  • A blessed respite!

  • Peace if not tranquillity.

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