Move count and "undo"?

In FreeCell and Klondike: if you "undo" and cards are returned to their previous positions, do those re-positionings count as "moves"? Thx, I enjoy this site immensely!


  • Hello Alysoun,I play Klondike and I believe they do count as moves.Nobody makes more moves than I due to my dodgy mouse so I should know............or do I?Carry on enjoying you'r games and the best of luck/skill with them.

  • Yeah, I thought they should but I'm too lazy to audit/count ;)

  • I just played a 3 Turn...made 2 moves, then hit 'undo' and 'give up' and it listed me with one move.
    The interesting part is that it listed me as #93 out of 490.
    How is that possible?9


    They don't count as moves (and they undo moves).

    Homedoggy, we get a lot of zero move games. We've considered not keeping track of those but haven't done that yet.

  • Wow! Things that make me say hmmm . . .

  • Its how i try to keep my pitch count down. Its like running the odometer backwards.

  • @david...I noticed one move and an 'Undo' didn't register so I made 2 moves and then hit 'Undo'. In the game I mentioned above...I had one point and one move and I was better than 80% of the folks that played.

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