How a bearish Freecell game developed

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Once you have won a game of Freecell, and can therefore see the total number of plays, it's interesting to watch how the top 10 develops as more games are played.

To accomplish this, leave the browser window/tab open to the won game and keep toggling the checkbox labeled "Show a player's first score, not their fastest." On each click the count of played games will update along with the players' positions on the leaderboard.

This extremely bearish game:

required 1126 plays before 10 players had won it.

After 2000 plays the range for the top 10 times was 2:04 - 2:44.

On my first outing I had managed 2:22, and that sufficed to hold #5 until the 2000th play.

The first player to crack the 2:00 mark was Hookedbad, and s/he did this around 2200 plays.

Until 3600 plays my 2:22 was still in the top 10 -- I finally dropped off after 3623.

By 4300 plays, no one had achieved a better time than Hookedbad's 1:50.

I recaptured the #1 position with a 1:31 at 4536 plays. Much later, at 8697 plays, that #1 holds. Plays have slowed way down, and soon this game will be of only archival interest. Top 10 shows times of 1:31 - 1:58.


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