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  • Can I just say hi good friend homedoggy and other friends?

  • Hi Graeme can I share your bottle of wine? Better use of time me thinks😉

  • Wow. This was a fascinating conversation.
    Every time I read (yet another) thread about this topic, it makes me miss the good ol’ days of seeing 3bc straight down the 1st column for ALL the games, daily and weekly. Does anyone of a screenshot of one of those old leaderboards, just to show these people the possibilities....

    Just wondering, Is 3bc still here under a different name?

    “Hi 3bc!” If you’re still out there...

  • Hello Trinny.Of course you can.Anytime.Hello fingsaint.Thank-you for you'r contribution.While I disagree with you'r assertion that I am shutting down other voices,I do reserve the right to reply to the above in my own way and to my friends without being shut down myself.I leave that to Jim and Dave not to others.I agree with jiiwil,there is too much rancor which tends to lead to bad feelings on the forum,something that Jim and Dave seek to avoid.I make no apologies for my comments which I believe to be reasonable compared to others.I certainly don't believe I divert,squelch?or dismiss the thread or others on the forum.That has never been my style.Fingsaint I hope I have replied to you and others in the good mannered way that you displayed to me.In the meantime I will play on even if you won't and end this reply with a strong cup of black tea and a mars bar.Enjoy the games.

  • Aaaah. All good fun. For the last month or so...in my mind...I've likened graeme's request for tea as a polite British version of a hip-hop guy dropping the mic. I think we have all been frustrated by folks posting about the same stuff we've heard here in the forum multiple times. So I welcome anyone who sez "this has been asked before...here is your answer....lets move on" in the nicest possible way.
    As for saying hello to friends...Mama raised me right...blame her.

  • FYI all, there is a feature on this site that allows us to ignore comments from anyone we choose, just click on a name, it will take u to that person's wall, at the top right of the screen u will see a little head and shoulder icon, click on that then click "ignore" .. .. .. unlike the personal message list that has a limit of 10, ur ignore list has no limit .. .. ..

    p.s. this is from wikipedia .. .. .. "A mic drop is the gesture of intentionally dropping one's microphone at the end of a performance or speech to signal triumph. Figuratively, it is an expression of triumph for a successful event and indicates a boastful attitude toward one's own performance."

  • Wikipedia...well thats the authority on hip-hop. I suppose an alternate meaning might be that there is nothing more need be said...therefore you won't be needing a mic. And like I said...graeme was being polite and kind and I thank him for it.

  • Hello homedoggy,tucsonsky.We must follow the thread which I believe is speed of play.However,I'll skip the thread for the moment and trust that Grayson is making good progress.No more tea and biscuits for the moment.A nice Sicilian red with roast chicken and chips.Bye all.

  • ty dog, u just proved fingsaint's point! oh snap!

  • Hi graeme. That sounds absolutely delicious. But if I could, please change my tea to coffee. As usual I absolutely love reading your comments. If I'm feeling low you give me a chuckle and it picks me up. So please, play on. Oh, and you too Gerald. Binky

  • Peace out

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