The picture on the cards

I would appreciate it if, considering that all members are not patriotic to just one country, that the face on the cards is generic and acceptable to all countries. That means that leaving the flag of one country as well as all countries off which welcomes the rest of us equally. No offence intended, just pleasant respect for all.


  • sorry but what flag ?
    on the backs of the cards or ???????????????????

  • If you were playing game say Golf on game screen there is a highlighted in blue with red squiggly line that says Deck , you can choose any selection other than the flags, not all games have option of Deck Designs. With in last few months Jim and David had got someone create new designs as am sending URL for that in greenfelt news which can be found by clicking on news in upper right. Have fun!

  • I am sure more flags could be added if suggested.

  • just as suggested if mistinask clicks on the URL or News in upper right, and request more country flags in creating new designs blog.

  • This is not a political arena. Showing one country's flag is NOT a sign of disrespect to other people or nations. If you don't like the back of the card, just choose another deck. Same with the holiday face cards. If you don't like them, choose "normal". It IS a sign of disrespect when you won't allow others the freedom to choose. If you would like to have your country's emblem shown, make it known to Jim or David and they will try to comply. Note: This is NOT a simple, quick task. They have to hire (on their own dime) someone to design the cards and implement them.

  • Your name hints that Renaissance may be French in origin. Perhaps a white flag might be appropriate.

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