Deck placement

Game: klondike3
Game #: 1417041695

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I would like to see the deck you draw from placed on the right side instead of the left, as I am right handed and continually have to reach across the game blocking my view of said game.


  • I don't understand that jwgigi.I'm right handed and have no problem.Can you explain what you mean exactly.What do you use to play?

  • I myself am right handed for many eons had used just my prominent arm or hand, then when I became technically advanced with touch screen , I found it easier in way I set up my computer due to medical issues that I started utilizing my left hand , especially here on greenfelt games , finally decided to use my left hand more playing games but at times I use both hands at times when playing any games. was about time to give my right side some time off , I don't see or have had no problem with way cards are placed. Play on have fun. and use that left hand

  • I inderstand at least wanting to customize. I use touch screen and use left, non-dominant hand. Just worked at it. Supposed to be good for my brain anyway.

  • In medical terminology your left side of brain controls your left side.

  • My Bad !!!! left side of brain controls your right side, neither side working today for me.

  • Hello riverrat55.Nice to know that I'm not the only one not functioning properly lately.Is this contagious?

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