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Hi there,

I wanted to reach out because Proper Media ( would drive exciting programmatic ad revenue for you. We would bring all of the top demand (e.g. Amazon A9, AOL, Index) to you via a single pre-payment faster than the exchanges pay.

Thanks to our scale, we have exclusive rev shares with the top 30 demand sources in our header bidding auction.

We approach everything from the mindset of our publishers since we are also publishers—Proper owns sites like and

Our standard revenue share with publishers is 85/15, but I could offer you 90/10.

Proper serves ~8 billion monthly impressions across tons of top publishers/media groups, such as TravelChannel, GAMURS/Dot Esports, Dexerto (Fortnite Intel), PsychCentral, Sitepoint, SEARS, ClassicCars, TEGNA, E.W. Scripps, HEARST, FoodNetwork, Encyclopedia(dot)com, and HGTV.

Good time to chat?

Kind regards,

Marcus Wandell

Head of BD at Proper Media + Spoutable

P.S. The Inc. 5000 annual report just ranked PROPER as the 545th fastest growing company in America and the 11th fastest growing company in San Diego! That data doesn't even include PROPER's recent acquisition of Spoutable, so next year's ranking should be even more exciting.


  • It never ceases to amaze me, sniff out a garden and fill it with billboards. I think it's "Merchant of Venus", I forget
    the author, advertising is the sine qua none you can't get away from it or bad mouth it. Advertising companies are the stars, the worshipful ones. I hope Jim and Dave don't need the money.

  • I believe thou haven't been a member of this site for very long, it was created by our beloved founders Jim and David out of the goodness of there heart and with their own money , as they don't ask for donations from any of many players on this site have asked if they could donate or as subscription , and this site was set up as a ad free site. I maybe overstepping my bounds if so I humbly apologize are not use to seeing your advertisements and not seen it before and not sure what you are asking for my suggestion would be to contact @Jim or @ David , they may help you , as this is a open forum for a free game site. Thank You.

  • Marcus Wandell, only speaking for myself: on this WONDERFUL site I take umbrage at your greedy, grasping suggestion. Jim and David are two of the most selfless individuals who have provided this site for our ENJOYMENT without all the advertisements of other sites. There was a song in the 60s talking about paving paradise and putting up a parking lot. It's even more true today than 50 years ago. Please, do NOT infect this site with your crude attempts at bribery. I, and many others, have stated we would be happy to pay Jim and David for access to this site. If THEY decide on that, I will be glad to contribute.

  • lassolasso REGISTERED

    I have played on a site called wordtwist for 4-5 years. Recently the site was bought by puzzle baron. Now i can't play anymore, literally. The google ads block the screen on my iphone and they cannot be deleted. I am sad to leave wordtwist but new management has made it impossible to play. They are probably sipping mai tais somewhere, but... And there is zero response to help inquiries. Please don't change a thing!

  • Thank you Jade for the comments this created forum in bribery as you stated . the title of song was posted by homedoggy those words are opening lyrics to Big Yellow Taxi , in above video by Joni Mitchell.

  • riverrat55, couldn't remember the name of the song :smile: ! (Had trouble playing the above video.) I remember listening to it on my turquoise blue transistor radio (all you "youngins" look up what a transistor radio is :wink: ). Song is still apt, if not more so.

  • Well honestly only close to 55 , but remember my sister use to listen to Joni Mitchell so was grateful homedoggy brought it to my memory, you might find it on youtube or Vemio music sites if you can't get the video to work on here , not computer literate on resolving that issue on this forum , thought I'd send a few suggestions to find good copy of song for some good memories as I did many many moons ago, there are videos of it on both sites I mentioned. Thanks for message , Everyone have a Happy 4th of July, stay safe.

  • @All - sorry if I offended anyone... just FYI, I'm not being greedy (quite the opposite). I was attempting to contact the site owners to help them better monetize/support their amazing efforts with the site. As a website owner myself, I know how tricky it is to make ends meet and support all the countless hours that go into developing software that lots of people love (and get to use for FREE).

    I couldn't find contact info. so was hoping to get their attention this way, but apologies for the distraction!

    Kind regards,

  • I will delete this if possible so as to not bother anyone further.

  • @David or @Jim by clicking on one of these two names of site creators or if you see them responding to recent or past forums is how to contact them ,I believe in earlier message to you how to contact them, we are always as players here to help you if you need us, for any reason regarding games, forums, blogs, etc. all you have to do is reach out and ask, good luck in your endeavors to contact site creators what you are inquiring about has to be answered by Jim or David, play on have fun, this is a free site as indicated in responses to your question this is a public forum for all users so all of us can see it.

  • Well Spoken, Jade1953! Jim & David have been exceptional in providing free enjoyment as we see. This person has come to the wrong site and I wish that he would go away soon.

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