Font size in Klondike

My font size has gone really tiny! How do I enlarge t?


  • @FlyFifer I hope that you will enjoy this site and the games.. your problem with the fonts was recently answered in this forum.and I do hope that it helps you get the size fonts you're comfortable with. In this forum there are many who have played on this site for a long time and offer their help, I hope that you continue to play the games and have fun.You'll find your answer on the subject of fonts in this forum. regarding size of the fonts

  • Found it! Control + Many thanks. I can now play the game without frustration.

  • You just made my day !!!! and to know that I was able to help someone and they acknowledged it.... I'm glad that you did find it and hope that you continue to play and also try some of the other games if you are curious about them. I play Klondike turn3 and even though I don't win all the time. its fun trying... and you are welcome... and do appreciate you letting me know ...

  • There is 3 versions of klondike you can also find em' under FAQ in upper left click on it and scroll down as I have on occasion played all 3 versions also 3 versions of Golf that I play , since it was mentioned, and now have gotten into Forty Thieves, so it keeps me busy and my mind occupied , this is a great site, great people that can help you when asked if you need some help as mentioned go through all the functions on site it is some good reading. Enjoy the games play on and most importantly Have Fun.

  • just because --
    homedoggy, could you please resend your question about that word, and give us the answer? I am curious, no idea.

  • who, what, where , when , how & why

  • The question was that there is an english word...7 letters...if you remove a letter its the same. If you remove 2 or 3 letters, its the same. What is the word?

  • @evermore ...answer sent privately.

  • White Chocolate M & M's =yum! yum! :p

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