size will not change from large to a smaller font

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  • I am using a laptop and the font will not change from large

  • @katej123 . At the top right of your screen there are 3 dots that are lined up, if you click on that, arrow down to ZOOM.. you'll see a percentage there, click on the minus sign and it will decrease the size of the fonts.. I also use a laptop and use the setting of 100%. and satisfied with that size of fonts. hope that is helpful for you and you're able to enjoy the games.

  • Kate have been having same issue on other sites when I go to enlarge screen and getting tired of it , I googled microsoft answers in search engine with question about Enlarged screen freezes , when I click escape button it doesn't work? I got this answer on screen freezes , This may not unfreeze computer or bring up option to restart , shut down or open Task Manager open Task Manager and note if program is not responding , if there is one, click that program titled and click end task. I also seen infor hit CTRL, ALT, and Delete in order, hope this info helped or maybe some of our more computer skilled players may offer assistance. Play on have fun

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