disadvantage without the right equipment

it is a little bit frustrating to get a good time without a touchscreen.
impossible even to get a top score. Just a thought:)


    edited May 2019

    I don't have a touch screen. I prefer a mouse and hearing the clicks... :) Very few of us had top scores, when we started playing here. It takes a great deal of practice and "I'll just play one more game....." ;)

  • There is the "moves" leader board now too.

  • Umm - I use a mouse and I seem to do ok!

  • That is true, much to my dismay.

  • My old computer had a touch pad , but had a mouse , it didn't take long to throw it in yard sale box, sold it for $2 , had to click everything, then years later got a touch screen, what technology ! still use my old computer for copying stuff, biggest draw back , I start touching screen on old computer to do things, habit is hard to break, lol either way I play it doesn't seem there is a difference in playing games with mouse or touchscreen.

  • To be really fast a touchpad is best i think. If you look at deus ex machinas videos it is easy to see why.
    Great news about the leader board, although i yet have to find it:)

  • Click on the Green Felt logo, in the top left corner of this page. Now, see in the top left corner Games, Contact Us, FAQ, Leader Board. It's in the top left hand corner of every game page, too.

  • Thank you Sage. Apparantly i have poor eyesight;)

  • I use a mouse and do quite well.Play on!

  • for now i am only playing freecell and times from 6 to 10 seconds are top scores. i do not think that is possible with a mouse.
    But thanks for all the uplifting comments:)

  • oh i just realized since english is not my first language , i confused touchpad and touchscreen;(

  • https://forum.greenfelt.net/discussion/comment/15615#Comment_15615
    bluebirdsings, here is a URL for video by DeusExMachina, you can check this one out , there are many videos that he has posted on site which you can refer back to Sages comment on finding them , easy way to do it. Importantly have fun.

  • I don't have the manual dexterity that others have (I blame it on growing up before videogames :D) so when I use a touch screen OR touchpad I get all kinds of random actions that I didn't intend. I only play against my own personal bests, though.

  • Thank you riverrat55 and Alysoun.
    I am having fun!

  • I paly with both and don't see much difference.

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