What’s up with the multiple player names “Sophomore Be Gone”

I created all those users to drive an offensive user name off of the Leader Board for freecell. Some clown with poor taste decided to pollute our little virtual world with four variants of the same juvenile user name. To spare the more sensitive among us, I got rid of him—at least from that list and at least for now. He’s going to have to get much, much better at Frecell before he’ll be able to hold a spot in that neighborhood.



  • dad gum varmits, OH! you said variants have to clean my glasses, yeah some enjoy changing name to clog up the leader board, have faith in you to keep the critter down where he belongs. Take Care Deus.

  • How many times are we allowed to change our usernames and or have multiple accounts? In the process of trying to rid the leaderboard of this one name haven't you also pushed others off the leaderboard that rightly deserves to be there? (No not me I can assure you - lately my games of choice have been those that don't show up in the leaderboard)

    I very much respect the right of Jim and David to remove people from the leaderboard and/or this site but I am uncomfortable with individual people making those choices. This is what could happen for example...(not that you will ever find me in the top ten...but...) Let's say after this post you decide you don't care for me very much because I have a different viewpoint. You could decide to use all your different usernames to knock me out of the top ten. This of course won't happen because chances are the only time I am in the top ten is if I happen to play right after the game of the day changes(and less than 10 people have played).

    So...Mr Blue will come back and play numerous times to knock off Be Gone and then Be Gone will have to return to knock Mr Blue and over and over and over until my 1,649th place will become 5,791st place. Good vs Evil some will say but in my opinion both Mr Blue and Mr Be Gone have clogged up the leaderboard by playing with username variants.

    Sorry...I know that this won't be well received and I probably should stop reading this forum but at my age mostly what I have left is the right to speak up.

  • Nan,Thanks for the insight am like you I am not able to compete with the many who are able to achieve those high scores and have a tournament between each other, I like to enjoy the games as an escape from everyday life, due to medical issues and like you on certain games get lucky if I ever see my name on leaderboard, I play for fun only , I have basically used same username since coming on here to this great site. nan you are well received by me as I agree with you, recently have started playing games that only a few know about or play, and I have fun , I thought this is what this site is all about. and can relate my opinions or as I say my .03 cents may not be received well as have dealt with here recently, regardless hopefully some of these competitive people will look at it different and have fun , don't know if I said anything that has meaning or fact , but am not concerned about leaderboard or high scores.

  • I envy you @Gerald64. You have .03 cents...I am down to .02! Hold on to that extra .01 cent as long as you can. I had .03 at one time...laid .01 down somewhere for safe keeping and can't remember where I put it!

  • Hi Nan - I was actually thinking the same thing. Fighting fire with fire doesn't really put out the fire. I don't find the multiple usernames entertaining, but I just ignore them.

  • Nan01 and Gerald64 I wholeheartedly agree with both of you...
    I have really enjoyed your sharing through time, Nan01 your comments are appreciated and Gerald64 I love your humor...you both are valuable people!!!

    Frankly Jim and David should be the ONLY ones who make changes on this site...
    Please know that your creativity and oversight are what makes this site enjoyable!

  • Well, alrighty. Next time i’ll let the obscenity reign ... and leave it to those of you who are more offended by such things to write to David and Jim.

  • No one said not to be offended or concerned...you are a good observer about this site and have great comments. Personally, I just believe that the creators and overseers of this site are the ones who should adjust and edit it's contents. If they don't, we won't recognize the site...

  • @spidermum: in case my response came across as snotty or whiny or in any way negative, I sincerely apologize. All I meant to communicate is that I heard the objections voiced here, and in light of them I will not take any direct action the next time someone defiles our little corner of the virtual world.
    @Nan01: You make some entirely valid points, which I actually considered before pushing the intentionally offensive user name from the Top 10. I obviously concluded that the greater good was served by doing what I could to cleanse the leader board.
    I see the situation as a bit like the wild west, where the Sheriff was not a 911 call and a 3 minute lights-and-siren response away. Jim and David do a great job with site on multiple levels. But they're not on call 24/7. So the question is how this community should respond when someone rides into town looking to make trouble. We can address the problem ourselves in some manner. Or ping J&D and trust that they'll address it ASAP (which might be days). Or avert our eyes and ignore it.
    My post last night explaining the cluster of "SophomoreBeGone" users indirectly posed the question of what;s an appropriate response. And the consensus among the few who piped in is that policing the site should be left to David and Jim. I'll respect that guidance. I don't tend to get offended easily by foul language. In fact, if I were to start washing my mouth out with soap every time an expletive escaped my lips, people might worry that I have rabies, and Proctor and Gamble's stock price would tick up an eighth. But I'm sensitive to context. I talk like a sailor among sailors, like a nun when I'm among nuns. So what offends me is not the language but rather that disrespectful clowns and bullies bring it into our house. It won't be easy to stand by and not defend the honor of the site, but that's what I'll do henceforth ... unless and until I duly deputized ;-)

  • Oh, one other thing for @spidermum: I'm curious what you mean by "Jim and David should be the ONLY ones who make changes on this site" and "the creators and overseers of this site are the ones who should adjust and edit it's contents."
    I mean all I did was play the game a few times under different user names to push another username--actually 4 variants of another username--off of the leader board. To my way of thinking that does not amount to changing the site or editing the sites contents...

  • btw, the provocateur is back tonight for those curious.

  • Deus, I as well apologize to you for my remarks, I have been here for awhile , over a year now, I have seen many foul discussting usernames on many games or posts, I agree that I am not a saint, and cuss like a sailor myself, but I try to be respectful to all those on this site regardless of young or older players on this site , so I do refrain from language and have shortly had a offensive username but had seen a post so quickly changed it tho it wasn't me they were talking about, regardless apologize for my diverse sense of humor wasn't directing towards you, I realize David and Jim aren't always available to babysit us or monitor all things on site, not at all offended easily tho , some have to realize this is a diverse site and some are offended more than others , do wish those that use this site give consideration to others with the names they use, I as said don't pay attention to leader boards guess you are talking about Free Cell, haven't played it much to change up, as explained I am pretty sure since this is a open forum and monitored by our great leaders will look at it, might address your complaints to David or Jim by sending copy to them in private message to bring it to their attention, just a suggestion, Maybe they will address it in some way, I don't think we players can play deputy with bad vulgar activities without causing havoc for ourselves or others, we can't dictate who stays or goes that is left to the creators of this site, regardless wouldn't ask no one to leave regardless if I have a problem I address with them if no solution , I ignore or go through proper channels, said to much and probably didn't say nothing to help you or anyone, No hard feelings Take Care

  • @DeusExMachina Thanks for the response. I think that you brought up some good discussion points. I would like to respond to them but I am tired and my head keeps falling off.

    I will say though I am not easily offended. At my age I have seen and heard about all there is to hear and say and have learned to be selective as to what offends me. There is almost a part of me that feels sorry for someone such as our Mr. Blue that he has to come up with an offensive name to get attention from a few internet strangers. His life must be very lonely...either that or he is just a jerk that likes to see other people be offended. Either way...I find it sad.

    It is a game for him/her and he is winning. His goal was to draw attention and offend a few and he got just that. He only loses when he doesn't offend or get our attention. If he doesn't get what he wants he will eventually move on. He probably won't go quietly but according to the "internet troll manual" he will eventually move on to another site where he will try again to get attention and offend.

    BTW I don't know if there is an official "internet troll manual" but several years ago I read an interview with what might be considered a "professional troll". It was given anonymously in order to keep his identity hidden. He talked about how when he knew that people were upset with him that he would ramp up the harassment. He brought up the suggestion that the best way to get rid of them was to ignore. A lot of times they work in teams under one account so that when one gets tired another can take over. I don't think that our Mr. Blue is that savvy but probably likes the fact that he can offend us.

    All right...time to call it a day.


    We currently censor things manually. Jim and I have discussed some system where people could click on someones offensive name and have an option to censor it for themselves.

  • Might consider changing those hearts to clubs in offensive names to better convey our visceral response to the rude, lewd, and boorish? Hearts mean "I love you." Clubs . . . not so much.

  • Good idea.I like that.

  • Happy Valentines Day

  • You're making me blush G

  • Good to hear from you my friend! your signifigant other may get mad. Take Care.

  • You two seem to be getting on well together.I already have Chris' card.Dare not forget it after over half a century together.Have a nice day my friends.

  • Thirty years for Annette and me this year. Mere rookies. Wish Christine a happy Valentine's for us.

  • DeusExMachina my comment about not changing anything on this site was meant to respect Jim and David as they have created, overseen, debugged, and most often responded to things that occur on this site.
    My concern wasn't about you, necessarily. Knowing that "many cooks can spoil the broth" I was sending caution to anyone making changes. We players have a good site and it would be unfortunate if it lost its integrity.
    Actually, in following your responses, I respect and enjoy your comments on the greenfelt forum. I also suspect you are someone who is caring, astute, and very smart. There is no need for you to apologize, as far as I'm concerned!
    BTW your response, using the sheriff etc., was good and entertaining!

  • Gerald64 once again I appreciate your comments and agree with how you suggest handling our interloper and disrupted...

  • Hello spidermum.Good commonsense reply.I agree with you entirely.Hello Gerald.Happy Valentines Day.You will not be left out.Treacle sends his love and what's left of my tie.

  • Happy Valentines Day graeme & Christine and to homedoggy & Annette , hopefully Treacle will find a little lady and forget about your wardrobe , and Happy Valentine's Day to all.

  • Thanks spidermum for the messages and Happy Valentines Day to you as well, same goes for DeusExMachina

  • Hello Gerald64, thanks for the heart day message...I needed that today especially!
    Congratulations Homedoggy and Annette...
    30 years is quite an accomplishment...here's to 30 more!!!

  • Thx @spidermum ...for me it was a walk in the park. For homekitty...it was an accomplishment.

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