I love your game.

I do. Now, help me recover/change my password.


  • You can change your user name or password by clicking on your current user name in the upper right of the game screen and then on 'settings'
    If you are posting on forum ...you are logged in, but if you've forgotten your password sit back and say 'Oh @david'
    and magic will happen

    edited February 7

    You might notice a faint popping noise and a small puff of smoke, from your computer, but it will not cause any harm, whatsoever. ;)

  • HUH! smoking computers, magic, wow! I love this site, never know what to expect on this site and from people all over the world, a very few from other dimensions.

  • I'm confused. Is Oh @david what I'm supposed to type for my current password?


    David, and Jim, run this site. @david will alert him to your post, here. So, the question to you is: Do you need to recover your password? In which case @david or @jim will need to remind you what it is. If you only need to change your password, you can, as homedoggy says, do that yourself, by clicking on the Green Felt logo, on the top left of any page, then clicking on your name, on the top right of that next page and scrolling down to Account Settings.

  • Now I'm confused , which is too late for that scenario, regardless, there is another way to change your username/password in upper right on forum page on tool bar you will see a little icon shaped like a little gear symbol , left click on that a box will appear , click on sign out, you can fill out the info on that page to change your password to your liking of desired answer to your query. The other nice people that have given you help in this forum, are correct they are also ways to change your password,

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