I'd like to see an alternative method of determining the leader

Game: freecell
Game #: 2072441693

I would like to see an alternative method of determining the leaders based on the number of moves to clear the board rather than the time.

What would you like to see?


  • To find the current leader by moves, click the “Moves” column header in any high score table.

  • Yes, yes, yes, there is a button you can push to get the high score based on moves for any given game. WHAT WE WANT is a leader board based on moves so we can see this automatically for all games in the leader board....

    Too bad David and Jim didn't choose "Moves" when constructing the leader board originally and then those that want to see "Time" could have a button....

  • Sounds like a case of 'sour grapes'.Why on earth should Jim and David change this just because you are disgruntled with the present set-up.This is the way it's played.Accept it or not as you wish.Like the rest of us,when you come on this site,you accept the rules of the game.If you don't you are not going to enjoy playing.

  • ...agreeing with this!!!

  • Dilly! Dilly! oh! hello graeme, ole' friend across the pond

  • I was not suggesting replacing the leader board that now exists. I want an option that makes the leader board either be "times" based or "moves" based depending on the preference of the user. My main beef is that the "moves" button is not really a solution - and I just pointed out that if David and Jim had chosen "Moves" originally, the ones who prefer "Times" would be constantly annoyed by the leader board instead of the the way around.

  • 'Constantly annoyed' by a mere game setup! Hmmmmmm

  • "constantly annoyed" is suggested by the number of people who would like a better way to list players in the leader board. If the leader board wasn't the only convenient way to keep track of which of the games I find interesting that I haven't solved yet, I personally would not even look at it.

    Graeme: As this is the feature request category, it seems reasonable to make a feature request here. Calling it "the rules of the game" seems a little odd to me - each game has its "rules", I'm talking about the presentation of results. From a functional standpoint it seems like a simple request to ask for an option to have it either way, but I imagine it could be a bear to implement...

  • The Feature Request forum starts with this statement...

    "Post here to request new games or new features for existing games. Let your imagination run wild."

    I have always taken the meaning of that statement to be that we can ask and that David and Jim will let us know if it is possible (or they are willing) to do the changes. Maybe I am misunderstanding.

    While I am at it the one thing that the leader board is missing for me is the total number of players per game. EX: I might come in 478th place. Doesn't sound real good but if that is out of 7000 players my score would be in the top 10% but if it is out of 500 players...then I should probably find a different game to play.

    Asking for a change doesn't mean I don't enjoy the games as they are it just means that it would be more meaningful for me if some things were different.

  • Around here I guess you are supposed to say "Dilly! Dilly!" so I say "Dilly! Dilly! to that", Nan01 B^)

    edited February 6

    I have tried a few times to get sort by moves working on the leader board, but so far I’ve failed. I agree that it should be an option.

  • Agree with @Nan01 that it would be nice to se the current tally of players of this game when High Scores is clicked.

  • Jim,
    Thank you so much for your effort on this! It's nice to hear that you agree that it should be an option B^)

  • Agreed , Thanks for the effort , hope you are eventually able to accomplish the feat of giving us an option on Moves

  • I think it is set to moves on my computer and stays there, at least for pyramid.

  • You must be referring to the high score pop-up that each game has. You can set those to "Moves" or "Times" and it will stay that way as long as you don't delete your cookies. I was talking about the leader board which is currently hard-wired to "Times".

  • Oh, you are right. I rarely go to the leader board.


    Turns out sort by moves on the leader board was fairly easy since it already worked on game pages. Have fun with it!

  • Ok, I like what I'm hearing, but I don't see any option to make a leader board based on moves. Am I missing something? BTW I really appreciate your efforts on this, Jim!


    @dbwoerner, it’s the same as for the game high score tables, you click on the column headers to sort by either Time or Moves.


    In particular, @dbwoerner, sorting by moves on the leader board should now be the default for anyone who already sorts by moves on the individual game pages.

  • Dilly! Dilly!

  • Halleluja, you did it! I couldn't be happier with my leader board now! I see the macro maker still makes the Freecell list, but two people beat them out on moves! Many thanks for this!!!!

  • I'd be happy to just know how a person can win in 3 seconds.

  • Hey, it turns out y’all were right about the lowest number of moves being a way more compelling metric than fastest speed.

    Well, for Spider, anyway. But not for Freecell, naturally.

  • Ditto canfield

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