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I'm seeing 4 letter offensive political names showing up. Are you really going to allow this. This game should be for fun, not political statements.



  • Maybe that is how those players are having fun...using 4 letter offensive political names. The only way that it will interfere with your fun is if you allow it.

  • Merci' Beaucoupe

  • Nan01, I should not have to let it interfere with my fun! Just like other online forums they should be removed.

  • @PHLNH1 ... This is only my can feel however you choose to.

    There are so many things in this world to take away my "fun" that far outweigh what someone chooses for a name on an internet solitaire forum. People go hungry...can't afford health care...mass shootings, suicide, abuse, bigotry, racism and the list goes on and on. I could care less what someone chooses to call themselves here on this sight. I choose not to let a 4 letter name affect my "fun". The only thing that goes on here that bothers me on this site is that sometimes responses here border on bullying. Our world is certainly filled with enough bullying.

    I wouldn't choose to use the type of name that you spoke of but I don't really have the right to tell someone else what they should or shouldn't do. Since David and Jim own the site that should be their decision.

    To be honest...I rarely ever notice what names people choose to use unless it has been posted in the forum. I have been on some vile forums before. I was once told that I should be beaten, raped and left to die(then afterwards burn in a fiery pit) simply because I did not agree with his religion. I survived that and learned that other people's words should not affect my life. I pulled up my big girl undergarments and moved on.

    My point is only to say...don't let others control the enjoyment in your life.

  • Thank You, Nan.

  • I agree that the name should be changed or removed

  • Sometimes the names players choose are hilarious. I just saw someone on the Freecell scoreboard whose name is CovfefeHappens. I almost spit out my tea! I had completely forgotten about covfefe! LOLOLOL Thanks, CovfefeHappens, for a great laugh this evening! :D

  • Nan01 you come across as accepting and easy going and I do not doubt that! However, in this world there are many wounded and vulnerable people who have been bullied, hurt, and injured by words.
    Telling these people to ignore, or "not let" words bother them or take away their joy IS problematic. This is a symplistic response for such persons and actually adds to their pain.
    As a caring and intelligent person pleasey consider this and try not to use such a broad brush in opining your own personal opinions when responding to other's feelings...
    PHLNH1 and donnamite I agree with you and have stated so numerous times in the forum, as well as Jim and David, about similar insults to commonsence, civilty, and decency. All ages play these games from elementary grades to octogenarians (and beyond). NOT all participants should have to be subject to ugliness or are part of society that aren't impacted by it...

  • @spidermum

    So that this doesn't turn in to just a back and forth argument...

    I think that when people have an exchange of ideas and opinions we can grow as people. We don't have to agree but I believe that we should at least respect each others view point.

    My intention was not to offend anyone but only to voice my opinion.

  • I totally agree, however, when you refer to something as an argument you are most certainly setting it up to continue...
    Also, you've yet to respect or even recognise any other opinion but your own...
    Your repeatedly saying that your intention is not to offend and only to voice your opinion does not actually make it so...
    Words do my offend and are often every bit as hurtful as bullying...
    My comments on this end as of now...

  • Girls, please, it's turning into a back and forth. Neither of you will be able to change the others mind. Please agree to disagree ... I think we all know and have empathy for someone who has been damaged by words but, how can someone develop the thick skin needed to make those words unimportant. Ask Homedoggy how he developed his renown thick skin.

  • By eating laverbread of course.

  • Sometimes the best way to take power away is to not give attention. Sometimes.

  • May be making snow cream tomorrow night and Thursday here in western 1/3 of Tennessee.

  • Hey guys, Graeme and Gerald64, we're talking about thick skin not what's thick under the skin ;) .

  • I'm right here, ya know.

  • Hello, anglais, still here, as well , ain't this weather hunky-dory, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ~~~~~

  • Hi Homedoggy o:).

  • Take care Gerald, sounds like miserable weather down there. Graeme mentioned something about an "op", I guessed he meant an operation. Stay warm and speedy recovery my friend.

  • "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." - Buddha

    Being offended by a word or a name is a personal choice you make. You need not be offended. Ask what is wrong with you, that you feel the need to be defensive about a word. If you were not offended, would the word lose its power? Therefore, you being offended, gives the word its power.

  • Agree with everything you said...especially like the Buddha quotation. Will have to remember that one.

  • Hmmm...does Buddha also imply that we would not get burnt if we do not hold onto anger...sort of get it out of our system?

  • Bottom line, according to a 20th century poet and being reaffirmed by 21st century "high jinks":
    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can kill.

  • I control my own mind and emotions. Therefore, if I see something I don't want to see time and time again, I won't subject myself to it. There are too many games out there. I don't care for politics when I am supposed to be having fun. Get rid of offensive names or lose customers. Good bye. I will check back periodically.

  • I try to control my emotions, by biting my tongue or counting to 12 before I speak, works most of the time. Don't always control my mind, I like to sometimes daydream or just let it wander and find new and interesting perspectives on a lot of subjects. Like exploring at "what if scenarios" or "pondering a better way" or "why are things the way they are". Probably which is why I enjoy this site. Sometimes have to "control. my mind" except I call it concentration, you know...when solving these games on Greenfelt or other life problems.
    Unlike you, keeping in mind I'm Canadian with no dog in this race, have become fascinated by the political back and forth going on in the USA as I'm sure the whole world is. The political intrigue is straight out of a good detective or spy novel, it has all those elements.
    Where you and I stand shoulder to shoulder is not having offensive names, but, allowing political names can and should be debated by forum members in an adult and intelligent manner. Personally, I'm not offended by someone choosing a name which shows allegiance to one political faction or the other.

  • I am in same boat as anglais , I choose to play games and have fun , I don't let it affect me in any way, emotions to me is like bad character defects I will have them always, what others write doesn't affect me , if I don't like it I move on , choosing not to be here on this site says it affects you , this forum is not private so it is monitored by Jim and David our creators of this site, if problems develop they will close this forum or any others if it gets out of hand have seen many forums closed for language, vulgar usernames, and much more, I don't get involved in political debates but that is my decision, I only play games and try hard to have fun and talk to a few good friends or tho have only been here for a short period of time compared to others on site, I try to help people if I can if not I would refer you to other methods, Have fun everyone Happy Holidays!

  • Nor am I "offended by someone choosing a name that shows allegiance to one political faction or the other." But when names—intended or not—are propaganda from a world group bent on mayhem, they should be scrubbed. And told why.

  • Oh goodness gracious me ... what have I been missing .... I never even noticed off names ..... must be getting old .... senior moments and all that ... Pay attention Mari (quick slap up side of head) ....

  • Sometimes I think people might get the impression that I
    might be Rowdy. Far from the truth. Rowdyone was the name
    of my beloved Jack Russell, bought in Tenn., Gerald. Castillon
    Springs, if spelt correctly. It all boils down to what is in a name
    and how it is interpreted.

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