Leader board still does not work

Will it ever come back?



    Yes. We are working on it. The current status is we're waiting on a disk to arrive so that we can move the database to a faster machine. Our database is so big that it takes almost a day to replicate the data. It's also so big that pricing for having someone else host it for us is unacceptably high. So we have to build everything ourselves and it's slow going.

  • I very much appreciate what you guys do for so many of us who love your work. We can still see the individual Game of the Day rankings so the Leader Board being down for a bit is of little importance. Not enough thanks goes your way and it should more often by more users. Thank you!

  • Why not limit the number of stats so that we get a few days rather than week's worth.

  • David, thanks for the update on leader board situation. I'm not fast enough to be ranked on the board but it's nice to know where I am in the pack.

  • Agree, completely, with cruisetheseas! Thank you, many times, every day... :-) <3

  • Yes, I don't think people say thank you enough for all the work you put in - this is by far the best solitaire, and especially Free Cell, site I have come across. I can't imagine not getting my daily fix, so I appreciate all you do to maintain it.

  • Thanks for this sight, I especially like sea haven towers and since I'm a spastic old fart the ability to see the standings arranged by moves gives me a non-speed stat to compete in.

  • I have found that every now and then at a certain time of day it will sometimes show the leaderboard. I saw it a couple of days ago

  • David, had good scores the last few evenings in fact the best ever but no leader board. Telephone the person who's making the disc and tell him or her to step on it, there are more than a billion people waiting for it.

  • Hi. I have been playing Scorpion for over a year, all free. Now you (we) are experiencing difficulties to deal with thousands of scores every second on your servers from all over the world, Don't you want to buy new ones ? You might ask for crowd funding, why not ?

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