FREE GAME... NO AD's.... Give them time to get new server !

Hey - this is a FREE game - and a Great Site... Lets be patient with getting the backend server 'fixed' and continue to be happy for this GREAT SITE ! Chill OUT - All the complaining in the world won't make it happen faster... "All The Complaining In The World -
Won't Move A Blade Of Grass" - God Bless Green Felt - and let's just be patient ! Thanks Green Felt for a Great Gaming Site!


  • Amen!

  • I'll second that! Thanks Greenfelt for the great site.

  • I totally agree!

  • I've been playing this site for years. It's given me countless hours of pleasure. I would even pay a small fee to help get it up and running.

  • Well said Hazeltine :smiley:

  • I heartily ❤️ agree

  • It is a lovely clear site and even better for the lack of ads. Just to note that I got at least 200,000 on Sirtet and won every game of Forty Thieves that I played for the last week. :-)

  • I agree... I love this site and although I do like the scoring when it works I appreciate all that the Green Felt guys give us!

  • You should all be aware that there is no longer anyone on the back end running this site. It will just die when it crashes!

  • And you know this how?

  • Yes... DMK = how would you know this? Please advise - if you have any first hand knowledge - IF YOU DO AT ALL ? Im staying with what they are posting - they are working on it - its' FREE - and I'm interested and willing to give them the time to do what they have to do ! Have some Faith man!

  • You know... I've been thinking about this ... and what we are REALLY MISSING. We are missing - playing a game -not coming in FIRST PLACE - FIGURING OUT OUR STRATEGY FOR COMING IN WITH A HIGHER SCORE - and playing it AGAIN... under the 'guise' of having THE BETTER SCORE IN THE 'FIRST PLACE'... when in truth - we were NOT the best score "our first time around" - and NOW we have to simply settle for "YOUR SCORE HAS BEEN SAVED".... So MY PERSONAL BOTTOM LINE - SIMPLY PLAY MY BEST - AND "GET WHAT I GET" .... MAYBE WHEN THEY FIX THE 'SERVER' - we will all get a "reality check" and see that we are "not all that" = and Personally - I'm good with that - I like to play - and I like when I beat the game. Sure - Im very competitive - but the truth be told - I played it - and kept upping my strategy until I BEAT YOU..... guess I can't have it all - HUH? I like Greenfelt - and will be a loyal player until they get whatever it is they need to get fixed. I have the faith. So YOU - LIKE ME - lets just take the time to get better - THE FIRST HAND ! Have fun you all - as I am ! xoxoxo K

  • DMK...unless you are David by chance...

    Maybe your right...maybe they have abandoned this site...I couldn't blame them if they did. I am sure that all of the complaining has not given them too much incentive to spend their time and money on a site where so many people don't seem to appreciate their efforts.

    Personally...I could care less if I beat you at a game or not. I could care less if you beat me. Of all of the sites that I have tried in the past Greenfelt comes closest to giving me what I enjoy...simplicity of playing a game of solitaire.

  • You go Nan01 ! thanks for sharing :)

  • Greenfelt ROCKS !

  • great site good luck with the repairs

  • This is my go to play site. I play for my own enjoyment and to try to beat my own scores, but that's not to say I don't get some thrill when I have the top least until someone else beats mine. That being said if finances are part, if not all, of the problem why don't they charge to play? I play a mahjong game that is a one time fee and is updated as they make improvements to it. Or if money is their problem getting this issue fixed, could a Go Fund Me page be started to raise money to help? If so how could it be done? Is there contact with the owners of the site to see how they feel about such a thing?

  • I hope they haven't abandoned the site. Of course, after a billion games.........

  • IiIreyak2 - I like how you think... and hopefully GREENFELT is reading this... GO FUND ME is a great idea ! Thanks for the POSITIVE input ! GO GREENFELT - again - YOU ROCK !

  • Greenfelt is my go to site as well = very relaxing. There are so many of us that really enjoy this site - they have our support - and we only ask... HOW CAN WE HELP ? Lets keep this going !!!

  • I am gathering from this forum that the backend server has worked in the past. Is there anyway we could support them with a small fee to help?

  • FANTASTIC .... thank you GREENFELT ... Love your game site - and so happy that you got your server figured out... hopefully we were all patient enough that you want to keep it going for a LONG TIME! :)

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