Welcome back!

I tried a different app for Klondike Solitaire and they were awful. I seriously missed Green Felt and am so pleased
you are back up!!!


  • I agree with everything that has been posted about this! I even tried a website that said it was 'the best features of Greenfelt,' but sadly, it was not. Total respect to anyone who has the knowledge to set up a website, unlike myself who would have no clue, but Greenfelt is the best out there. So glad you are back!

  • This is part of my morning routine at 82 to wake the brain up after doing all three word puzzles. I looked and looked for something similar to this and could not find one, I found one I played but it was not near as good. I missed you guys, seriously!!

  • What a reminder yesterday was! Sometimes I take you guys for granted, and just expect you to be there day in, day out. Boy oh boy, what a reality check! So, please accept this truly heartfelt thanks for everything that you do to keep this absolutely first class, cannot-be-beat, priceless site going for all of us "players" 😊. It is my refuge after (and in between) reading the headlines for the day. I honestly couldn't stand keeping up with the state of the world, if I couldn't mix in a few games of my favourites (I play 11 of them) during my morning reading. Thank you so much for your constant work, time, dedication and generosity. You really make a difference in so many lives.

  • @Joojiefruit well said! 👏 thank you GreenFelt guys 🙂

    edited March 6

    Yes, very well said, @Joojiefruit I keep the Green Felt page open on my computer, all the time, so I could play the game (Maze) I had open, for the time. Other than that, I got some chores and things done, in between checking www.isitdownrightnow.com to see if Green Felt was back online. @jim and @david , you, this site, and the friendly folks here, were missed and are greatly appreciated, every day! Thank you...

  • Tried several sites, like most people here, but nothing... absolutely nothing compares to Green Felt for its professional and well thought out games. Another marvellous feature is the ability to converse with other members publicly or privately as we wish. These last few days trying to find a half decent Freecell game was like walking through hell itself. Most other sites seemed amateurish with constant bothersome commercials. Oh...did I mention. "just love Greenfelt"...Michael 🌝 ?

  • I agree with the above comments.So easy to take things for granted,Only when they are unavailable do we really appreciate them.Very twitchy Sunday.Thanks again to Jim and David for providing us with such an excellent site........the sun is shining once again!

  • @Sage Thanks, didn't know about isitdownrightnow.com. The one I rely on is downforeveryoneorjustme.com. (Well, that and traceroute / mtr / other Linux-based command line tools.)

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