More offensive names

In Klondike game 238023975 on the leaderboard currently at 174 the name "DJT serial rapist". Yeah, that goes over the line.


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    @AnniePanny you can message @jim or @david with any offensive names you find, instead of making a public post about them.

  • How can you see so far down the leaderboard?

    And more importantly, why would you want to?

  • @-WeeGee- Because I wasn't far from that rating and the score board often will show one's position, even if one isn't in the top few. I'm not a star here, not a stellar or fast player but I have a good time and isn't that the point of the games? I just wish we didn't have to see names like that or names with "sapedo" or "sajerk" or all the other stupid, immature suffixes meant to be derogatory and insulting. Life is unpleasant enough without having to see stuff like that everywhere, even on a site where we play. That said, it's not like anything would be done about it anyway so it's all a moot point. LOL Nobody here really much cares anyway, so I gather, so yes, it's just moot.

  • justherejusthere REGISTERED
    edited March 20

    AnniePanny....I think we care. I know Jim and David certainly do. Whenever a particularly egregious name is brought to their attention, they do something about it. It is, though, a fine line they have to know, censorship and all can be tedious. I will admit, though, that I don't see what is wrong with "sapedo" or "sajerk". No matter how I roll them around in my mind, I can't see that they're dirty or stupid, derogatory or insulting. Just made up names. Anyway, I mostly just ignore it all. Hope you have a wonderful Spring Equinox day! :)

  • AnniePannyAnniePanny REGISTERED
    edited March 20

    @justhere So you don't think that someone's name, such as "DPN sapedo", isn't an insult or derogatory when there is a top player out there with the name "DPN"? It's a slur calling DPN a pedophile. If I were one of those whose name is corrupted like that, I'd find it quite upsetting. I also realize that, now that I've said that, I've made myself a target for just such a thing and that's sad, too. Oh well.

  • justherejusthere REGISTERED
    edited March 20

    Ah, I see what you're saying. But you left the DPN off of your original post. Still, if they want to be immature that's their problem...not mine. That's why I say I just mostly ignore them. I'm not getting my blood pressure up over something that I have absolutely no control. Continue to let Jim and David know and, if need be, they'll take care of it. Peace. :)

  • I agree. Just attention seeking juvenile behaviour.Don't let it spoil you'r game.Play on and enjoy.

  • Just curious: who or what does DPN refer to?

    edited March 24

    @-WeeGee- In the knitting world, DPN refers to a double pointed (knitting) needle. Or DPNs: double pointed needles.

    @AnniePanny "Nobody here really much cares anyway, so I gather, so yes, it's just moot." If very few people here, or either @jim or @david , at a quick glance, do not consider the user names you referenced insulting or derogatory, what do you expect any of us to do or say? I don't pay attention to user names, unless it's on the Leader Board or they join in on the discussions here often enough for me to notice.

  • My guess is that DPN are the initials of the player on here, and this other person knows them and is trying to insult them in a very veiled way. So veiled that most people don't even 'get' the insult and even less people care.

  • 'Chinese whispers' perhaps ?

  • Political internet slang...DJT refers to Donald John know what he means by the serial stuff.
    Very bad taste no matter whom the reference refers to.

  • I'm against offensive or political names. Grow up.

  • @MarcyS LOL It's hardly veiled. It's pretty clear the person is using references to pedophilia, homosexuality, and other things as pitiful attempts at insults and derogatory names as though they're a 13 year old boy, which here they likely could be. It's childish and dumb but nobody seems to care so they ignore it, encouraging more of that behavior. It is what it is, though. Nothing will be done as the people here seem to condone it with their lack of desire to do anything to discourage it.

  • how privileged and entitled do u have to be to expect everyone around u to bow down to ur ideas of what is or is not offensive .. .. ..

  • @tucsonsky i think you might be overreacting here just a bit, don’t you? The discussion so far seems calm and even-tempered to me. On the other hand, you, my friend, seem triggered. Perhaps a few deep breaths and some time away from your screens may help. All the best to you.

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