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I have just, in the last week, started to play Seahaven Towers. Fun game, then I went back to Freecell and tripped over my own feet. The rules look the same but require concentration "differently". Going from one game to the other quickly is insanely mind twisting.
It's maddening but the challenge is exhilarating.


  • @Ptownpapa I used to do the same thing. Started to add in a few games of Forty Thieves and find myself playing 40 Thieves almost exclusively now. But thinking I should get back to other games to reactivate the concentration "differently." You put that nicely. S/be good for the brain.


    If you want some real fun, try going from Klondike to Yukon. The rules are so similar that literally the only thing different in the code is the layout and the initial deal. But they require 100% different mindsets (one that's very much like Scorpion, though Yukon is much more "winnable"). It's really interesting to see how much such a slight variation can affect the strategy.

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    Looked at Yukon. I will think about it. Scorpion can wait.

  • I first found this site years ago when I'd been playing Scorpion on another site. I liked how greenfelt had a score based on progress, instead of just win/lose. But I soon switched to mostly Yukon since more of them are winnable. I completely agree that neither is similar to Klondike.
    The game I've been struggling with recently is Addiction. I can't seem to figure out a winning strategy or mindset. And since it automatically shuffles when you run out of moves and you can't undo, it's especially hard to learn from mistakes. (tips welcome!) :-)

  • Interesting conversation. My routine...start with Freecell move onto Klondike then to Forty Thieves then down to Flower Garden then finish off with Seahaven Towers. Deal is, must win at least once before moving to the next game. At first changing games with different set of strategies was most difficult but somehow changing becomes second nature. Never played Yukon...will try Davids suggestion fitting in Yukon after Klondike.

  • @murphymouse - I have no clue how Addiction can be "beaten" I've played it and I WIN!! then I've played and played
    keeping track of moves - what seems to "work" I.E. Kings don't get in the way - and then it falls apart. I believe the face cards are the key but not always? I keep trying.

  • @anglais You must be very good at the games or have a lot of time. I go for days w/o winning 40 Thieves, let alone anything else o:)

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    @murphymouse the king of Addiction is @JackofHearts he has worked his way through (and won) over a thousand games starting @ #1
    Amazing achievement and he’s more than likely still playing his way to eternity 🙂
    Here’s a thread where he gives a few tips, but it’s mainly determination and patience

    Edit: the thread link automatically takes you to page 2 of the discussion. Press page 1 to get the full picture 👍

  • @fingsaint - Thanks for the tip

  • I've been having an awful hard time signing in the last few months . I'll sign in several times and just keep playing , my name showing on the scores okay , but I'm getting really tired of having to keep signing in until it eventually does register . If I do get signed in and play my games , when I want to leave the site , if I don't sign out will I be considered as being signed in when I next go to this site and will that keep me from having to sign in every time ??? I sent a message about this a while ago but I guess nobody had time to answer ( no sarcasm is intended ) .. Sorry for the long message ...

  • Hi @coleridge someone had a similar problem a while ago. This was the reply from jim (GreenFelt guy)

    You have to login each time because you don’t allow cookies. We use cookies to store the login info. If you are say in a private window, then the greenfelt cookie doesn’t persist. I.e. Don’t use a private window for greenfelt if you want to stay logged in.
  • Thanks fingsaint! I had forgotten about that thread. If nothing else it confirms the game isn't easy! :-)

  • Just played a game of Addiction. I had forgotten the frustration of that game.

  • Hi! @fingsaint . I've been on here since Jan. 2016 and I have never had this problem until , as mentioned , about 3 months ago . When I first signed up I just followed the instructions and put Greenfelt on my favorites bar and thats how I've been logging in ever since . I don't knoww nuttin; about cookies or private windows . I'm old and not very bright , which I've been told many times , so I don't even understand the message you so kindly sent . I guess I am a good candidate for the '' Witless '' Protection Program .. Thank you ...

  • howdy @Ptownpapa, please tell me what is it about scorpion that u find off putting

  • @tucsonsky - It takes longer as I get older to accommodate the space needed in my brain for new rules and their
    rapid recovery during the game. It's off putting at first reading, I will give it time.

  • Hi @jezzbelle, you are right...Forty Thieves is a most difficult game and takes up most of my time. I play with a mouse on my old iMac which kind of slows me down a little. Nevertheless, I enjoy playing Green Felt immensely and I know I'm not alone. It warms my heart to see people from all over the world getting together on this site to enjoy the playing of simple games...which are sometimes quite challenging. The "guys" have created something quite unique where people from various cultures and backgrounds can enjoy the same thing...congratulations.
    No, playing these games does not take up a lot of my time and I'm not a very good usually takes 30 to 60mins to complete my 5 games. Out of curiosity, I made a note of the times for each game played this evening Freecell 3m33s, Klondike 3m19s, Forty Thieves 7m21s, Flower Garden 3m52s, Seahaven 3m20s, if my math is correct it comes out to 21m25s (tonight must have been an easy night). The times are not important, it's the enjoyment I had playing them. Just finishing them was reward enough.
    Keep on trying, your Forty Thieves it will come around.

    Take care

  • Ptown, what i like about scorpion is the action, meaning each time i click a card other cards move, when u run out of moves the only click left is "new game" .. .. .. some of the other games are interesting but there are too many clicks where nothing happens, for me that gets boring

  • @ anglais,just read you'r observations.It's so nice to see the many familiar names that play these games and I have never experienced a site like this before.It's very much a family.I only play Klondike and Forty Thieves which helps to keep my brain working.I agree that some of these games can be quite difficult,but it is quite satisfying if you manage to successfully complete a matter how long it takes.I think I would be quite lost if this site closed down.To lose all my Greenfelt friends would be unthinkable.Never mind,we are all still here.Nice to hear from you.Keep safe!

  • @anglais A lovely post; well said

  • Hi @graeme, obviously, for you this website is a great deal more than playing simple games. I can understand the feelings you have developed with other members of this's true, they seem to be nice people. I appreciate you sharing those very personal thoughts.
    As for Green Felt, because of its popularity and dedicated ownership, it would be very unusual for such a successful endeavour to close. Clear out those negative thoughts and stick with the many positive ones.

    @sierrarose thank you; I had pleasure sharing some observations.

  • Hi @david...have tried Yukon...Wow. Quite a mind bender. Find the game intriguing with the large number of possibilities and the ability to transfer cards from one column to another. Haven't read the rules yet, kind of prefer to discover them as I play along. Have completed 2 games so far so am on the right track. Nice game.

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