Starbucks or Dunkin

I pick Starbucks.


  • Any small, privately owned, local, community based business!

  • I agree with Sage , thou best coffee or cappuccino I have found if you have one near by yes! Books A Million while browsing for books or music

  • Our house.

    Or any resort in Jamaica.

  • Tim Hortons if I'm in Canada, but I'm not much of a coffee connoisseur. I do agree that places that make and roast their own coffee blends certainly smell more wonderful than the chain stores.

  • Is it just me, or should “General discussions” be relabeled “Apropos of absolutely nothing!”?
    I mean, I realize that some of the threads in this category have always been unrelated to solitaire, but the ratio has spiked lately.
    I suppose I should count my blessings that this one was not focused on whether Starbucks or Dunkin coffee passed through the system faster… And at least this thread has a descriptive title instead of the completely useless “Random Question”!

  • Ok and...

  • It's just you.

  • I agree justhere

  • binky3binky3 REGISTERED
    edited September 2023

    I agree with @DeusExMachina about random questions. But I'm depressed so what do I know?

  • aka off-piste lol


    I changed the description of "General Discussion" to:

    Anything else goes here (Green Felt related or otherwise).

    I think this generally reflects Jim's and my attitude that messages on the forum don't have to be strictly Green Felt related. I think off topic messages are a sign that we have a (little) community here and that's what we always hoped for—we made this a forum and not a strict bug reporting tool for just this reason…

    I'm not opposed to splitting this into 2 topics—one for Green Felt related stuff and one for completely off topic stuff if we need to. But I'm not sure we have enough message volume to really justify that at the moment.

  • justherejusthere REGISTERED
    edited September 2023

    David...very well explained. For what it's worth, I totally agree about the "little community". I think it's nice that if you want to say something or even ask a question...even if it is kind of can. And, people will respond. :)

  • Getting back to the coffee.. I'll love my coffee, have a cup by my side the whole time I play. Any brand will do. So for me this post is GreenFelt related.

  • @jayG🌺 You phrase it that way ... of course! (If it were morning, I'd be snickering into my coffee cup.)

  • How many cups do yall have a day for me about 3 to 5 cause I just love coffee

  • I say Dunkin. But most days I make my own coffee at home. I only have one cup a day first thing in the morning because if I drink it later in the day I have trouble sleeping - I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine.

  • homedoggyhomedoggy REGISTERED
    edited September 2023

    Surprised no one mentioned Tim Horton's.
    I make coffee for me and mine ant include some Italian Sweet Cream in my cup. It's kinda like cream and sugar with another flavor I can't place. Pumpkin Spice Latte seems to be popular this time of year but it's not my cup of tea.

    And I would prefer Krispy Kream for donuts ... born in the Carolinas


    I only started drinking coffee semi recently and I've really only had it from my drip maker. I've tried a number of different roasts but New Mexico Piñon has been my favorite for the past few years. It tastes distinctly different (it's got pine nuts or something) and it's quite good. Free shipping, too.

  • Homedoggy I love those glazed Krispy Kreme donuts

  • I don't go for flavored coffees much myself, I love the taste of unadulterated coffee too much. But the piñon sounds intriguing. State tree of New Mexico.

  • I agree @zudenstemen, a good cup of coffee is a good roast and hot water. Like beer "Reinheitsgebot" the German beer law - Malt (germinated barley), Hops, water and yeast. 4 ingredients in various blends create a host of fine
    beverages without additives, flavors (flavours), or "the great idea of the month!!"

  • Espresso coffee made by a good barista is popular here, especially in Melbourne and Sydney. There are coffee shops everywhere. My choice, more often than not, is a ‘flat white’.

  • Dunkin or my home, cause it's my way.

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