Okay....two small things.

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I hope these are real things and not just something to point to my limited computer skills.
1) Occasionally, I'll play a hand or two of 'Deal With It' to change things up and I've noticed that I can no longer right click to undo a move. In fact, I can not click the 'undo' button as it is seemingly unlit and therefore inoperable.
2) So...before I lodge my question above, I try to do my due diligence and I go to the Forum to see if this problem has been covered before and type in 'Deal With It' in the space provided. Then what? There doesn't seem to be a way to initiate the search... or could I just hit the 'enter' key


  • seems like we have some overlap.


    Yes, @david disabled undo in Deal with It.

    edited March 23

    Yeah I “fixed” that. Deal With It was never supposed to have undo, since it’s about making quick decisions under time pressure and rolling with/trying to make the best of your inevitable mistakes. I think undo might have been added later and we forgot to consider Deal With It.

    I also noticed a bug where the “F” keyboard shortcut was dealing the deck. We disabled the mouse click dealing the deck but the key shortcut got added later and, again, we forgot about Deal With It. 😬

  • homedoggyhomedoggy REGISTERED
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    @david...you're right of course. It's a better game this way but I usually drag cards to place them and when I do this for the final card the 'High Scores' will sometimes fail to pop up automatically. I would hit 'undo' and then click the final card, kinda like being slammed into place as if this were a mechanical game. I guess I can click on 'Give Up' to get results.
    Thanks for all you do.

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