QATAR - World Cup

To @graeme - Wales and US tie - AND STILL NO BEER! Except in a guarded detention compound. Not a happy cup this year.


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    edited November 22

    In the context of World Cup scoring I believe a tie is not necessarily a bad thing, Ptown. Of course a win would have been better for either Wales or the US. Good luck to both teams.

  • We mortals have no say when it comes to sport homedoggy, the mighty? Vikings, 8 & 1 record lose 40 to 3.
    We cheer them on, moan, growl at the gods lack of support when they/we lose But to no avail, the 11,or 9 or how many they field are the ones who "bear the burden" I merely noted to graeme the score. My dismay is at the lack
    of free flowing refreshment. A soccer game (futbal) is boring as hell for, typically, 80 minutes or so much like 'merican
    NFL Two "O's" & Two "L's" running over 3 hours - look up the stats - it will shock you how FEW plays are called in 3 hours. The refreshments make the time pass more easily. We can accept or enjoy the loss/win of the home team
    after a pint or two in a better frame of mind.

  • Hello Ptownpapa/homedoggy.U.S very unlucky not to win.Excellent first half for the U.S.Second half far better for Wales but saved by the penalty.Have mixed feelings about Wales performance.They need to do better.Did'nt expect to see such an exciting game though.I think the draw was a fair result.I enjoy a pint and I think to decide not to allow alcohol at the last minute may not have been the best of decisions.However,I don't think the fans will be too bothered now.I see a good future for American football and I'll certainly watch the next game

  • As a Viking fan since my youth I understand the bittersweet confusion and disappointment regarding losing to a team that...on paper anyway...should have been much closer. And piggyback that with last weeks thrilling second half comeback and win over a potential Super bowl Buffalo team. This is why I no longer gamble.
    But I have to agree that a few brewskies would have evened out the lows and elevated the highs. Prost!

  • Draw with England today. Now we have to beat Iran. What could go wrong?

  • I watched two fine teams play to a draw. Good game. Definitely less boring! Didn't even pour a pint.

  • What a performance! My Nan can play better and she's been dead these past 50 years.Welsh football has taken a turn for the worse.Enough to drive you to drink! America can be justly proud of their team,excellent game against a poor performing England.U.S to beat Iran.England/Wales ........won't raise my hopes.However,Wales against Australia today[rugby] There must be some light at the end of the tunnel surely?What a week!

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