math whizzes

klondike greenfelt has the best math whizzes playing too bad they cant come up with a real name


  • Some of those guys think about numbers 24/7. They probably think of other numbers too.

  • Sheesh, homedoggy, you always come up with the weirdest answers...and always make me chuckle. Took me about 3 seconds to catch this one. :)

  • Is there a section where we can get tutored? I feel like I've progressed a lot and "win" the game all the time but there are those who just blow me away at their skills and I wonder sometime if I'm missing something.

  • Hello infinitecosmos. It's no secret.It's just skill and experience.Don't get het up about speed.There are always those who are faster than you.Just enjoy the game and play on.Take care.

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