@Jim and @David are Amazing

Yes, the two kind men are amazing. For free, they provide us with quality games that we can play virtually any time. They don't have advertisements to annoy us. They also work to fix bugs and errors as quickly as possible once they are reported. This site isn't there only concern. They have lives of their own. We can't expect miracles (though we often see them). They don't control other game sites! Give these guys a break. Some are not using common sense or trying to think for themselves. Come on folks. Enjoy this gift. Be grateful we have it. And think. Use your brains. Let's all have an enjoyable time.


  • Nicely said.

  • Yes, their commitment to this project is amazing. And you are amazing, too! It's really nice to hear a positive voice now and then. Thank you.

  • I'm very grateful for this site. I'd miss it terribly if it went away.

  • Two thumbs up

  • Well said; nice to read positive thoughts and kudos for GreenFelt founders. Thank you.

    edited August 5

    Very well said, @ggmaterre ! I appreciate this site as a very fine place to spend a relaxing and restful time and get away from the rest of the internet hubbub. <3

  • Agreed, it is amazing that Dave & Jim have created, maintained and improved this site for so long. I've always been curious as to why they created it in the first place. Maybe one day they will tell all! Many thanks for a fantastic site and a great place to relax! <3

  • 3 cheers for Dave and Jim!

  • Here is the truth about @jim & @david "WHY and how can they be so patient?" Circa 2019

    It's simple - they aren't human. They were exiled to earth from Radon (more advanced then Krypton) after having done some heinous and unspeakable act. They are now atoning for their transgression by keeping all of those addicted to GREENFELT serene and contented. The facts speak for themselves - they work on this site at least 23 hours out of 24 ergo they have no day jobs, they subsist by selling, on the black market, gold from the cargo hold of their starship. ALL PRAISE TO RADON!! Thank you emissaries of advanced knowledge for your kindness and forbearance, especially to those of the human subspecies "KVETCH" those sad humans who can not go 10 minutes without complaining that the world is against them, they can't win, their coffee is cold, it's too cold, it's too hot, my mother hates me, this game is rigged, everyone is cheating, ad nauseum..... May your exile be blessed.
    And thank you David and Jim, if that's your real names.

  • Ptownpapa, I don't even know you but I love the way your mind works! :). And...thank you Jim and David!

  • I heard they came to earth because the decay on their home planet ;)

  • ❤️ it

  • @Arborist I hate to tell them about the decay on Earth, then. :D

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