More fun playing without political statements. Can delete the anti-Prez? Saw it on Spider.


  • thank you-you are so correct-these are just card games.

  • All true, I used to use anti politician names and quit doing it out of respect. We do this to get away from that.

  • couldn’t agree more

  • I agree - there is a player using the name "Buck Joe Fiden" - can the admins just delete that account?

  • "Buck Joe Fiden" keeps scoring 13 in Spider - the lowest score you can get - and then, I feel certain, angrily accuses the game of counting wrong.

    edited September 28

    I agree - there is a player using the name "Buck Joe Fiden" - can the admins just delete that account?

    We can delete accounts, but we never have. We usually just "redact" the username so others don't have to see the full thing (FWIW, the user themselves always gets to see their full name), but this one isn't over the edge, IMO. It seems analogous to society's acceptance of saying darn instead of damn. As for the political names in general, their lines are even less clear. Users like @JoeMakeYouPoor, and the responses(?) @IdiocyMakesYouPoor and @ignoranceMakesYouPoorer, make me laugh even if I may not agree.

  • Ones like the Biden one, I just ignore. Most of our players are adults, and we can just play on. For those who are not, parents should be monitoring AND using this as a teaching opportunity.

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  • And another one, @Sage.

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  • @Sage , @barzonymous , now they are selling air-fryers on here ! Dah! Happy Holidays to all the normal folks on here.

  • shame we don't have vomit emoji for certain scam post people

  • @riverrat55 I've been pondering buying an air fryer but I'm definitely not going to buy one by clicking on a weird link anywhere, not even this exceptionally fine website. :D

    @jim @david See "air fryer" in @airfryer 's comment above.

  • riverrat55riverrat55 REGISTERED
    edited November 20

    @sierrarose ,great news on vomit emoji , one can be found on Emojipedia anything you can think of is on there, as use to us them all times copy it and paste it 🤢 about how I feel green and ready to blow in seeing these scammers selling all kinds of things on here,
    @Sage air fryers are a great easy way to cook full meals , and for multiple days.

  • @riverrat55 thanks. Learn something new from my good 'Greenfelters' all the time. ⭐

  • @riverrat55 Thanks for the recommendation, re: air fryers. Perhaps I'll mention them in my letter to Santa, this year. ;)

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